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3*3m Unique Customized Candy Kiosk Colorful Attractive Candy Display Stand For Sale

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Candy as many people recall childhood will be talking about the food. Therefore, it makes sense for candy to be an essential gift when visiting families during festivals. Candy has captured the hearts of children at the very first time. When adults see children eating it, they will be happy and happy, which is naturally a happy family. Candy stands for sweetness, which is our beautiful vision for ordinary life.

A small kiosk can support your candy kiosk in the mall. There are many people shopping with children in the busy mall. If your kiosk is attractive, which can bring many children customers.

Description of the candy kiosk

This one kiosk is 3*3m and it is very colorful, which are white, purple and yellow stands to combine together. The candy kiosk takes full good use of its display function, because everywhere of the stands can be displayed the candies and snacks, even the cash register place, it is also designed into the shelf. Every display stands with the led lights, so the color and the lights can make the kiosk very attractive. There are the acrylic baffles on every layer to protect the candies not fall down. Even the door is designed into the shelf to display the candies. And some hooks are hanging the board too. The counter can be hold three big juice and smoothie machine to serve the customers together. The cabinets of the kiosk can storage many candies to provide in time when the goods are sold out. There is one board to show the luminous logo sign. At the bottom, it is the colorful sticker to decorate. The whole kiosk is very colorful to attract the children.

The main basic material of the kiosk is MDF, and the the top of the counter to hold the machines are the man made stone, which can be waterproof.

The design through the modification to become the perfect kiosk, if you like the style, we can also make a design for you according to your requirements.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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