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Candy Kiosk for Sweets Display Counter & Food Kiosk for Lollipop Display Stand

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Special mouth-shape mall candy kiosk nut kiosk for sales

Candy Kiosk for Sweets Display Counter & Mall Retail Kiosk for Food Kiosk in Retail Store

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Since ancient times, candy has always been a very popular existence. The income of candy has always been relatively good. Because we know that candy runs through many people's childhood, this is also the very important reason why candy has always been enduring. We can give sweets to children as gifts. This is also a favorite gift for many children. The cost of selling candy is not very high, but the benefits are very large. If you want to start a small business, selling candy is a very good choice.

Customized Candy Kiosk in Retail Store

The Candy Kiosk we use the plywood and laminate. The main color is wood color. The wood color is really popular because it stand for the original and the healthy. The two front and back of the kiosk, we use these to sell candy. One side we use it as a cashier, and one side is used a door.

The inside we can storage the candy. The whole layout is clear and simple. We can customize it based on your requirements.

How to Customize the Candy Kiosk?

Before we produce the candy kiosk, we need to do a design firstly. The design will show all of your requirements. And you can see the whole effect clearly, you will make sure is it whether you want. If you have any changes, we also can help you modify it until you satisfy it.

The design include the 3d max design with different angles, revise design, and construction drawings with detailed material, size, and the circuit diagram.

After you satisfy the design, we will start to produce the candy kiosk according the design with no mistakes.

Before produce the candy kiosk, you need arrange the 50% deposit. After finish the candy kiosk, please arrange the balance payment.

When will we can receive the candy kiosk?

The time need to consider the design time, production time and shipping time. The first design will take 3 working days for first design, the production time will take 25-28working days. The shipping time based on which country you located.

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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials plywood
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