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Special mouth-shape mall candy kiosk nut kiosk for sales

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We are customized factories and have delicated to customize furniture for 14 years. During these years, we have won praise and got the heart of many customers. Most of them order food and eyebrows kiosks. These are our main products. For the food kiosk, candy kiosks are our popular products. If you want to start your candy business, please check this style.


This candy kiosk is in a mouth-shape, compared to the common lovely candy kiosk, its shape is very catchy and special in the mall. There is a bar counter equipped with chairs like the lollipop. I believe this figure will help to get many people’s attention.

mouth-shape bar counter

On its back side, it is a kiosk, including the two work counters and sink, which allow you to make your food. In order to blend in your kiosk, we will leave you the space posted on the same poster for your machine. There is a display table, it consists of layers and cabinet. As you can see from the picture, we will install the light strip around the cabinets. On its leaf side, it has a long shelf with 5 layers where you have enough space to arrange your candy.

candy kiosk

candy kiosk

How to get a new design

  1. Tell us your specific requirement, such as the logo,color,layout,size and so on
  2. Charge 300 USD as the design fee
  3. Modify the design, when we finishe your design , if you have any idea, we will modify them until you satisfy.
  4. Confirm the design.
More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF with lbaking paint
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