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First impressions are essential in every salon business. Nothing makes a more meaningful impression on entering a salon than a creative salon reception desk—Decor your salon with our most popular and stylish reception desks. 

As a leading commercial furniture supplier, we custom design and build a reception desk for various business environments, and offer tremendous style to apply to every unique interior space. And the creative design and top-grade quality make us a prominent position in salon reception furniture.

Various Using Environment

The vast range of our reception desk is specially designed for salon interior decoration and display. From nail salons to beauty spas or hairdressing shops, fit your reception area with our modern, sleek front counter that can add extra charm to your shop. Moreover, the most functional and practical salon desks can make your reception work more efficiently and perform a clean and tidy workspace.

Hair Salon: We have many reception counters that perfectly suit for hair salon, barbershops, and hairdressing stores. Use black and dark grey stripes combined with stylish modern features to form an attractive and fantastic station. Our hair salon front counter can offer a supreme aesthetic ambience to add incredible beauty to your interior decor and give your customer an unforgettable impression.

Nail Salon: The unique designed upholstery welcome desks and tufted front desks are just the right tables for nail salons. We stock a large quantity of stylish nail bar reception counters and comes in various colours and dimensions. Ant display got all your need covered whether you are looking for a leathered upholstery salon desks or tufted front counters. Moreover, most of them are in top quality but wholesale at an economy price. 

Beauty Salon: Modern, sleek design is usually the first impression people feel a beauty spa, so the reception desk for beauty salon must be able to delivery a charming creative character, we stock a large variety of beauty salon front desks can combine both contemporary style and function workspace, and the wide range of dimensions choice allow to fit any size beauty spa, from cute mini reception stands to classic long reception counters, you can find any reception furniture that feeds your needs. 

Wide Range Styles

Pick the best salon front desk from our finest gallery. The out-shape and exterior design styles always offer the first impression to visitors. We have a broad of reception stations that come in multiple styles and character to fit every different business spaces.

Shabby Chic: Shabby chic style if the most popular salon reception counters, whether used in a nail salon or beauty spa, the french style front desk will always add charming and fantastic beauty to your salon.

Modern: If you are looking for a characteristic style reception desk for your salon, modern contemporary style is the best choice. With a geometric shape and led light stripe, you can soon catch the customer's eye contact.

Small: Small front counter is just perfect stands for a limited space. Our small salon desks' wide range will offer you an unlimited choice to find ideal reception furniture. The cash register counter is small but not short on functional. The practical design provides the excellent workspace that every big desk should have.

White: White colour salon desks are the most popular colour favoured by customers worldwide, shop the best salon reception units with our full bundle of colour choices.

Curved: Want your reception area outstanding? Try our lasted carved concepts. The ultra-unique design salon used desks with an unlimited curved shape and waved style give you a deep impression after the first glance.

Features of our Salon Front Desks

Our salon front counter's wide range comes in various materials and styles, which is the perfect welcome desk to decor your salons. A suitable receptionist desk can not only add beauty to your salon, but it also gives the customer a pleasant and comfortable experience. Here are the most outstanding features of our desks:

Modern Appearance: A creative design is essential for every reception counters, especially for salons. Our large quantity of salon front counter is designed in sleek modern style with an innovative feature to give your clients the most aesthetic impressions.

Top Quality Finish: All the salon reception units are finished with top quality materials. Every step is under a strict quality control system to ensure that every single piece of desks is supremely and perfect.

Competitive Price: The most crucial feature of our salon counters is the best price we offer, as the leading commercial furniture, we able to provide our client with the best quality counters in the most economical cost. 

Fast Delivery: With a considerable manufacturing volume ability, we can offer our client a quick and rapid delivery. Whether you custom a single reception counter or order a large number of desks, we will finish it in perfectly work in time.

Custom Service

In case you do not find a favourite model or need a unique style of reception counters, we can customize accordingly. We have a talented design team and a 5000 square meter self-owned factory with over 200 skilled workers who can quickly manufacture any salon reception furniture. Whether you are looking for an upholstery reception desk for your nail bar or need a parametric reception counter for your beauty spa, we can bespoke a creative front counter beyond your imagination. Here are simply five steps to go:

  1. Let us know your request about the salon reception counter including size, dimension, colour and preferable syles.
  2. Our designer will produce a realistic 3D rendering design accordingly. It may take times back and force to improve the layout until you 100% satisfied.
  3. Sign the construction contract, The customer has to arrange a 50% deposit payment, and we will start to manufacture the reception stands strictly following the confirmed plans.
  4. Usually, it will take 2-3 weeks to build a customized salon reception counters, and we will have updated videos and photo to show the procedure. 
  5. After the quality department passed, the front desk will be packed in a robust wooden box and decked in the warehouse ready for shipping. 

Buy the best design salon reception desk to give your guest the best impression. Our well-designed front desk contains both beautiful and practical functions, and make it the best point-of-sale furniture for your salons. Display showcases and signage options are also available to add infinite beauty and increase more sales. Some of them are equipped with lockable drawers, storages cabinet and slide-out keyboard shelves to offer a great user experience.

If you are looking for creative attracting salon front desks, we have an extensive range of colours and finishes for you, Contact our team and buy an excellent reception station for your salons.