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Customized Salon Shop Reception Desk & Front Desk in Retail Store for Sale

Salon shop reception desk

Simple style reception desk for the salon shop customize design

Attractive Salon Reception Desk for Nail Shop Front Desk for Sale

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We all know that the front desk is very important for opening a shop. If the size of the shop is not particularly large, we can choose a relatively moderate size for the reception desk of the shop, which does not need to be too large or too short.

The front desk of the salon shop is an important manifestation of the image of the salon shop. Designing and customizing the front desk with a strong sense of fashion will leave a very good impression on visitors. This front desk is made of silver-gray, with a strong sense of modernity, and uses the soft light of LED to handle it. It is a very good front desk. The fine layout and sincere service can make you feel the perfect combination of fashion and practicality at work. Modern and simple shape, stylish atmosphere, combining practicality and style, especially the image of the entire store and company.

Reception Desk

The main material of the reception desk we use the MDF as the main material. Then we use baking paint as a surface. Because the surface will be more attractive and smooth. At the bottom of the reception desk, we use the led light to make the kiosk more attractive. For the back of the reception desk, there are three drawers and two cabinets. The right of the reception desk has one, another one is on the side of the left. The whole style of the desk is gray and white. And the shape is L that will be more attractive.


  • Material, MDF
  • Size:1.2x0.6m
  • Surface: baking paint,  
  • Color, gray
  • Style, Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe

Production Process

Firstly, we need to do a wooden cabinet for your reception desk. The wooden cabinet is important for the whole process. Because the wooden cabinet is the main structure. We will do the wooden cabinet according to the construction drawings like the size and craft. The wooden cabinet will reserve the relevant wires for you. A good wooden cabinet will have a good start. Second, after the wooden cabinet, we need to polish the wooden cabinet. The smooth cabinet will be easy to do the baking paint. After polish the wooden box, we will do the 5 primers. Third, after the primers, we will start to do the final baking paint. We will match the color according to the Panton color card. Fifth, after baking paint, we will install the led light, socket for you.

The package

For the package, we will use the wooden box and the EPE foam. On the outside we will use the wooden box, it will be more strong and can prevent the reception desk from damage. For the interior package, we will use the EPE foam to pack each corner and sides of the reception desk. Then we use the film to fix the EPE foam. Will make the reception desk safer.

The time

Production time, the reception desk will take the 18-22working day.

The shipping time, it based on which port is near to you. And what kind of shipping mode do you want. If you located in New York, the shipping time by the sea, the shipping time will take about 30 days. If you are urgent, you can choose air transportation, the shipping time will take about one week.


The reception desk is a whole and need not install when you receive the reception desk. For the light strip and socket, we will install it before loading it. When you receive the reception desk, you just connect the wire with your shop power supplier.

More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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