Luxurious style reception desk in 5 star hotel for sale

Luxurious style reception desk in 5 star hotel for sale

White color reception counter

White color hotel reception counter with remote control led light

Customized hotel high-end wooden front desk display cabinet

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Some large companies usually set up a front desk to receive customers, send and receive documents, and transfer calls. At the same time, the front desk is the first line to receive customers, directly related to the image of the company. Therefore, no company can ignore the design of the front desk. The design of the company’s front desk is the portal that reflects the company’s image. The first impression of customers and business partners starts from the front desk, so the front desk decoration must not be handled lightly. No matter what the company's office design style is, you can tell at a glance at the front desk.

Front desk details

Today I want to introduce a very high-end hotel front desk design. We can also see its display effect from the design drawing. From the front view, it is divided into two parts, stone, and wood grain display. We all know that the quality and display effect of the stone look very advanced. It is also very strong. Many customers buy stone surfaces when they buy the front desk.

This front desk size is 300x60x105cm. The distance from the ground to the countertop is 85 cm, and the height of the stone is 105 cm. The stone as our baffle is very conspicuous. The corner of our front desk is designed with a curved corner, which is also very safe. Inside the front desk are some drawers, and to the left of the seating area is a cabinet. They can be used to store our files. Our skirting is stainless steel if you want it to look more beautiful. We can install light strips at the bottom.

front desk


This front desk basic material is plywood and stone, surface finish is laminate. The hardness of the plywood is generally high. Because the material and texture have been interlaced perpendicularly to each other during the gluing process, it is strong and not easy to deform. There are many wood grain color options for the laminate. Light wood color is more popular if you don't like the color we design now. We can send you our wood grain color for you to choose from. Laminate is widely used in interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory countertop, exterior walls, and other fields.


All our furniture is produced in our own factory. All products are handmade. We treat our work very rigorously. When I place an order, we will notify the factory to start production. Our workers have a very rich work experience. We will strictly follow the details of the design drawings and construction drawings to produce. The front desk is relatively simple. When you receive the goods, there is basically no need to install them. If our front desk has sockets or light strips, then you need to connect our wires to the local power supply. The voltage is adjusted and can be used normally.

How to customize the front desk?

If you want to create a new front desk, you can tell me your ideas. Our designer will help us to design the deck. Before you order, you can see its effect. The design fee for the desk is about 300USD. It allows modification.

What is the production time?

The production time is about 20-25 working days

What is your packaging?

We will wrap the corners of the table with pearl cotton, and then wrap the entire cabinet with stretch film. Our outer packaging is a wooden box, and the inside of the wooden box is a foam board. So our cabinet is very safe to put inside.



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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate, stone
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