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Mobile phones have always been a popular communication tool. It can be said that as long as your mobile phone has electricity and the internet, you only need to bring a mobile phone when you go out. To pay at the supermarket, you can pay with your mobile phone. By transportation, you can scan the code with your mobile phone to get on the bus. When eating, you can use the scan code to order, which can help save a lot of time. This saves a lot of time both for the waiter and the customer.

Custom Phone Display Rack & Phone Display Counter in Retail Store

This cellphone display rack is a shelf display, it has two types of the shelf. One is a solid wood board, and the other is a glass laminate. Its shelf is movable, we can change the height of the shelf. It is a kind of display against the wall, and it is more cost-effective to buy this kind of rack in bulk. On top of the rack, we can install acrylic letters. Different display areas can be accompanied by different texts so that customers can clearly know where the products they want to find are.

The surface treatment process of this rack is painted. Generally, we use bright paint. Bright paint can make our racks look shinier, and its display effect is better. Its color can be selected, if you want to change the color of the rack, you can contact us. Generally, for cabinets with AA columns, we will provide shelf supports, and each shelf has two shelf supports. This cabinet has a total of 4 shelf displays, so each cabinet has a total of 8 shelf supports. The shelf support is similar to the hook. We need to find the height we want, hang the shelf support, and then put the wooden board on it.

More detailed information for the phone display rack share with you:

size: 1.2x0.6m

Color: Yellow (can be customized)

Materials: MDF with black and white baking paint finish

Accessories: led lights, baseboard

production time:15-18 workdays

How can we choose a suitable phone display rack for the shop?

Firstly, you need to consider what style of the phone display rack do you want and how about your budget about the whole shop?

Second, if you just want to buy the phone display rack, you can send me your real shop picture. Then we will customize the phone display rack according to your shop style.

Third, you need to consider the quality of the phone display rack. The good quality it's more useful for every people.

The Ant Display focuses on designing and producing commercial furniture, like the mall kiosk and the shop furniture. We can customize the shop furniture according to your requirements if you want a unique one.

More Information
Color yellow
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint
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