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The mobile phone accessories store is one of the very common stores. We all know that mobile phones are very popular products, so mobile phone accessories are also very popular. Such as mobile phone case, data cable or some earphones, and so on. We know that there are models of different brands of mobile phones. So the types of accessories are even more numerous. We need to prepare some large-capacity furniture. Today I want to introduce a common tall glass display cabinet against the wall. Above is the glass shelf, below are some storage drawers. The main color is blue, and some acrylic characters can be affixed to the top of the cabinet as the label of the cabinet. As shown in the design diagram.

Cellphone accessories shop display furniture

Size: 1500x300x2400mm

Material: MDF, Tempered glass

Surface finish: Baking paint

Letter: Acrylic letter

Light: LED spotlight

Hardware: Lock, keys


The glass shelf of this cabinet is removable and detachable. The main material is wooden, and the surface we use is bright paint. This surface looks very shiny and beautiful. Many people choose a shiny surface. All the furniture is made in our factory, and we have our own factory, which specializes in customized furniture. Let's take a look at this cabinet production process.

Wooden body

When we receive the order, we will submit it to the factory. Our workers will make wooden cabinets according to the size and shape of the construction drawings, and reserve wires to connect the spotlights. This process sounds simple, and it takes a certain amount of time to do it.


When we finish the wooden cabinet, we need to polish it until the surface is smooth and smooth with a certain degree of roughness, and then we need to coat it with a primer. This process takes three or four days.

Baking paint

After the primer is applied, we will choose the color of the cabinet according to the customer's request. This cabinet is dark blue and white, so we only need to adjust the blue paint. The coloring process is called baking varnish. We will spray paint on the cabinet and bake it at high temperature, and then let it stand for a while, the cabinet will be completed.


After the cabinet is completed, we need to install drawers, glass, and spotlights. We will install a holder to fix the glass shelf in the cabinet. If we don't need the glass laminate, we can take it off directly. The spotlight is embedded in the top of the cabinet. It can provide enough light for our products. The acrylic letters on the top of the cabinet can indicate which products the cabinet mainly displays. Each drawer is equipped with two keys, they are universal. Because this cabinet was shipped to Australia, we will install a transformer at the bottom of the cabinet.

phone stand


Considering that this cabinet has glass, our packaging will be more strict and cautious. We will wrap the edge of the cabinet with pearl cotton, and then wrap the whole cabinet with stretch film. The outer packaging is a wooden box, and we will put some foam boards inside the wooden box so that we can safely protect our cabinet.

phone cabinet packaging


Our mode of transportation is sea transportation. We can help you ship to the port or to the door. The transportation time varies from country to country, it is about 25-35 days. When the ship leaves, we will get a bill of lading, which you can use to pick up the goods at the port. We will also send you the invoice for customs clearance. Our shipping fee does not include tax, the amount of tax depends on your customs and the total value of the goods. If it is delivered to the door, we will help you clear customs and deliver it to the door, you do not need to pick up the goods at the port. But still, need to pay taxes. Our transportation service does not include unloading. When the goods arrive at your designated address, you can hire a forklift to unload the goods.

Cellphone shop display furniture

On our website, you can see a lot of cellphone shop furniture. Our furniture is customized according to customer requirements. If you have a style you like, you can place an order directly. If you need customized products, please contact us. We have our own designers who can help you design an entire store. We are an export company, no matter where you are, we can ship to your country or your address. We support two payment methods, one is bank transfer and the other is Western Union. If you want to design a store, our design fee depends on the size of the store, usually 500-1000 US dollars. Before designing, we cannot know the price, because the price of our furniture depends on the size, material, and shape of the furniture. So only after we finish the design, we can get an accurate price list.

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Color blue
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint
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