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Apple Store Fixtures & Shopfitting W/ Retail Display Showcases, Stands, Tables, Racks, Shelves & Wall Cabinets For Sale

Factory Direct SIM Card Display Showcase & Glass Showcase for Phone Accessories Display

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We all know that now is the age of mobile phones. The sim card is a very important accessory for mobile phones. There are many environments in which SIM cards are used. And as long as you have a SIM card, you can locate and surf the Internet at any time. In the traditional SIM usage scenario, whether it is to make a call or send a text message or surf the Internet via a mobile phone, people usually buy a mobile phone first; then go to the operator to handle the network access service, and then put the obtained SIM card into the mobile phone After that, people have established a long-term contractual relationship with operators: for related activities including identity authentication, payment of fees, and business handling, users only need to communicate with operators.

Glass Display Showcase for Sale

There are many displays of SIM cards, such as special bracket displays, glass displays, and aluminum trough plate displays. Each display will have its own advantages. The biggest advantage of the bracket display is that it can be an independent individual, which will be more convenient to display. The glass display is a very good display, because the glass display is generally brighter and contains light strips. This kind of display can best highlight the effect of the product. The biggest advantage of the aluminum channel plate is that it can display a lot of accessories, which can save a lot of space.


The shape of this showcase is an L shape. The L-shaped display can save a certain amount of space to display more products. This is a self-service SIM card showcase. So it is mainly a combination of glass and aluminum channel plate display. His color combination is dark red and white. The top is where the SIM card is displayed, and the bottom is mainly drawers and cabinets. Both are used to store items. The interior of the showcase is equipped with light strips, which make the whole cabinet brighter. The material of the display part is aluminum slot plate, which will save more space to put SIM card.

Light box

Light boxes are installed on the top and sides. The light boxes are equivalent to advertising and let more people know this product. Mainly light box painting, and then there will be a light box frame outside to help you fix it. There is a light strip inside, so just turn on the switch. The entire light box can be illuminated.


The main materials are MDF and baking paint. Inside the display case, we installed an aluminum trough plate to display the SIM card.


We use the acrylic luminous logo. Acrylic luminous LOGO is very popular. He will make the overall effect more three-dimensional.

There are some question that the customer want to know

A: what your delivery timeline looks like to Melbourne?

B: for the time, shipping time will take about 20 days to Melbourne port, the production time will take about 18-22 working days. (different country, the shipping time is also different)

A: Is there anything I would need to get approved from the local authorities to avoid any issues later?

B: Need not get the approval form the local authorities. In general, just need the mall approval. We will provide3d design with different angles, revise design, and the detailed construction drawings. The mall manager will check these information. if there are any modification, we will help you modify it according the manager’ s requirements.

A: How does the payment plan work?

B: For the payment term, arrange the 50% deposit for the production. After finish the kiosk, please arrange the balance payment.

A: How about shipping to Melbourne cost?

B:It will cost about 1000USD, the final shipping fee based on your final box list.

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Color red
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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