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USA Teeth Whitening Kiosk Shopping Mall Service Booth For Sale


Customized Whiten Teeth Kiosk with 3 seats Curve Shape in Retail Store for Sale

Teeth whitening display kiosk | dental care booth in the mall

Custom mall teeth whitening kiosk

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Good teeth can enhance our overall facial image, when we laugh, it will look more bright and moving. Teeth are very important to us. If we usually eat sweet or other foods without brushing or nursing, it may cause pain. There is a saying in China that toothache is not a disease, but it hurts terribly. Visible toothache is a terrible thing. I used to have so much pain that I could n’t sleep all night. So it ’s very important to protect your teeth. In the shopping mall, we can see many kiosks, among them, is the teeth whitening kiosk. In order to make yourself smile better, many people will choose to do teeth whitening. This kiosk is for teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening display kiosk

This brand has used a lot of kiosks, they are specialized in dental care. You can see it on Instagram or Facebook. My client found us on our website and said he wanted to make a teeth whitening kiosk. He had his own drawings. This is a drawing designed by their company. This kiosk is the same as what they have done before. In front of the kiosk is used to receive customers and cash register, it has many cabinets. You can store what you need for work. Behind is placed chairs and beauty equipment, according to the size of the customer, it can put three chairs behind. This kiosk is made of plywood and Formica. There are stickers on the entire kiosk surface. The floor is PVC. You can see small prints and slogans in the kiosk. On the back and inside of the cabinet, we have installed several sockets where the chairs are placed, which can be used by the customer's instruments. The decoration of the kiosk is the acrylic logo and acrylic luminous belt.

This teeth whitening kiosk size is 10x12ft. The front part is 10ft and the back part is 12ft. Because it is a whole production, you do not need to install it when you receive the goods, you can use it directly after connecting the power supply of the mall. We are a custom company, if you have your design, you can send us. Then we can according to its size, shape, and materials to give you're a quotation. If you don't have a design but you want to build a new kiosk, you can tell me what size you need and your requirements. Our designers will help us to design it. When finishing the design and confirm it, we will start production. After the production is completed, we can help you with transport.

Working Process

  1. Design: The design deposit is 300USD. When receiving the design deposit. We will according to your requirements to design your kiosk, and provide the construction drawing. You can send them to the mall for approval. If your mall has any comments, you can tell us, we will modify the design until it passed. When we place an order, the design deposit will be returned to you. The design time is 2-4 working days.
  2. Production time: About 22-28 working days.
  3. Transportation: We usually ship by sea. The time of shipment depends on the port of your country or your address. Transportation depends on the volume and weight of the goods.

If you still have any questions, please contact us for more details.

More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood. Formica, Acrylic
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