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Tempered glass display case for jewelry | Countertop glass showcase for sale

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The glass display case is very familiar to us, and its commercial use is also very extensive. Glass is transparent and strong. When our products are placed inside, they can play a good protective role. We often see display cases in jewelry stores, mobile phone stores, or museums, most of which are glass display cases. Both beautiful and practical. In addition to commercial uses, we can also use display cases at home. Some people have straws for collecting antiques or valuables. At this time, we can use glass display cases to display them, which can also prevent dust from invading.

The glass display case I am going to introduce today is suitable for use in jewelry shops, watch shops, and mobile phone shops. It is relatively small in size and is a rectangular glass box suitable for placing on the countertop. The way it opens is to pull, which is similar to a drawer. When customers browse our products, if there are any styles they like, we can open the case door, then take out the products that customers like, carefully introduce and try them. There is a hidden light strip on the top of our glass, which can bring enough light to our products. 

Glass display case details

Size: 60x40x30cm

Material: Tempered glass, gold stainless steel

Others: LED light, lock, key


The frame of this glass display case is golden stainless steel, and the effect of golden stainless steel looks more advanced. If we are used to displaying jewelry, we can use this stainless steel frame as a decoration. From the design drawing, we can also see its structure and opening method very clearly. Is the feature convenient and concise? Our lock is installed on the side, if you have requirements in this regard, you can tell us. We can arrange the position of the lock according to your ideas. Our light strip is hidden in the aluminum trough tube, customers will not directly see the light strip.


Our packaging is very strict. Because our display cases contain glass. First, we will wrap the edge of our case with pearl cotton, and then wrap our entire case with stretch film. Finally, put it into a wooden box. There will be foam boards on the inside of our wooden boxes, so it is very safe. A fragile label will be attached to the outside of the wooden box.

How to connect wires?

Since our cases are equipped with light strips, when you receive the goods, you need to connect the wires on the case to your local power supply. We will give you a transformer, we have to connect the transformer first, and then turn on the power.

How do I receive the goods?

After the goods are completed, we will ship them to your port or the address you specify. When the goods arrive at the port, you need to arrange customs clearance and delivery. You can hire an agent to help you clear customs. We will send you the information needed for customs clearance and delivery.


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Color golden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Tempered glass, stainless steel
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