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Countertop Display Case & Glass Showcase in Retail Store for Sale

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We all know that glass is a very common display cabinet. In jewelry stores, mobile phone stores, and cosmetics stores, glass display cabinets are very common. We will customize according to all the needs of customers. Because the glass display is very clear, it can be clear to customers. Can show their products to customers very well.

Where is the countertop display case?

It is generally used in jewelry stores, mobile phone stores, jewelry stores, and cosmetics stores. Generally, the bottom of it is a wooden cabinet or a stainless steel cabinet. Because a single countertop display cabinet needs the foil of the cabinet below. The glass cases displayed on the countertops all have light strips inside because the light strips will allow people to see the details of the product more clearly. And the lights of the display cabinet can also make the whole shop brighter and more attractive.

Countertop Display Case

For the countertop display case, we use the glass and wood frame as the main material. the four sides of the display case we install the glass to make people see it clear. For the fame of the display case, we use wood. And the surface we use black baking paint. On the back of the display case, we install the lock to keep the security.


  • Material: Tempered glass sides
  • Size: 80x45x25cm
  • Door: sliding door with a key
  • Others: light belt

Production Details

Firstly, we need to do the wooden frame for the case. Then we will polish the wooden frame to make the surface more smooth. After the polish, we will do the 4 white primers. After the primer, we need to do the surface baking paint. For the color, we will send you the Panton Card to choose from. You can send the color which you interest in. They will match the suitable color for you.


After the cabinet is finished, we will arrange packing and transportation. Our outer packing is wooden cases. There are foam boards in the wooden cases, so our glass display cabinets are safe to put in. In the inner packaging, EPE foam is used to wrap all the edges and corners of the glass display cabinet. Finally, wrap the whole cabinet with film and fix it. Finally, put it in a wooden box. Just nail it.


If we need to help you transport, we will arrange the materials and documents needed for transportation. We usually deliver goods to the nearest port, so please tell us which port is closer to you before delivery. When the goods arrive at the port, someone will inform you to pick up the goods in advance, and we will send you the bill of lading, commercial invoice, and packing list. You can use this information to pick up the goods. If you need to deliver goods to the door, you can also tell us. We will deliver the goods to your designated address. What we provide is DDU to the door, but unloading is not included. You need to unload the goods yourself. Our freight charges do not include any destination port charges, so you need to pay your own customs duties.


The production time will depend on what quantity do you want to order? If you order 1-5 sets, the production time will take 12-15working days. If you order 5-12 sets, the production time will take about 15-18working days. For the shipping time, you can tell me which port is near to you. Then we can help you check the time. In general, if you located in the US, the shipping time will take about one month. In different countries, the shipping time is also different.

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Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials glass, and wood
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