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Custom Mobile Phone Store Fixtures W/ Metal Pegboard Display Racks & Frameless Light Box Poster

Custom Mobile Phone Store Fixtures W/ Metal Pegboard Display Racks & Frameless Light Box Poster

High quality slat-wall display cabinet in mobile phone accessories store

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Hello, my friend. Welcome to our website, are you looking for a display case in the mobile phone store? Mobile phone accessories stores are very common and popular. Many mobile phone accessories are displayed with a slat-wall cabinet. The display capacity of the slat-wall cabinet is very large. Several products can be hung on one hook. We can see that a lot of slat-wall cabinets are displayed against the wall. They are high in height and small in width. So they cover a relatively small area.

Today I want to introduce you to the slat-wall cabinet is wood color, the middle is a display area, the bottom is a storage cabinet and the top is a lightbox. We can show posters of our products or logo. At the top we will install the spotlight, then our products will look clearer. Let’s look at its details.

Mobile phone accessories store slat-wall cabinet

Size: 1000x350x2500mm

Basic material: MDF, slat

Surface finish: Baking paint, veneer

Others: Lightbox

Our location: Shenzhen, China

When you place an order, we will start making furniture. All our furniture is made by hand, and we have our own factory. You can check the condition of your goods at any time. It is very convenient.

Mobile phone accessories store furniture

The furniture in the mobile phone accessories store is displayed against the wall combined with a low glass display case. We have done a lot of display furniture for customers, and they usually buy in bulk. Because the display against the wall can only look better when placed in a row, and it is more attractive. This slat-wall cabinet was ordered by our customer from Britain. He bought a lot of display furniture and the style of the furniture is white and wood grain color. So it looks very nice. In addition to displaying the furniture in the mobile phone store. We will also customize the reception desk, which can put the customer’s logo on it. If you just want to buy a small amount of furniture, you can just pick the furniture you like and order it.

Do I need to assemble it?

No. We will install the lightbox, spotlight, and transformer. When you receiving the goods, you can connect the cabinet wire to your store power supply, then it can work.

Where do I pick up the goods?

We will ship the goods to your nearest port. When the goods arrive at the port, you will be informed in advance to pick them up. We will send you the documents needed for customs clearance and delivery.

Will there be other charges at the port?

All imported goods need to pay taxes and other fees at the port of destination. The content and details of the fee depend on your customs. Different cargo volume costs are also different. If you don’t understand, you can ask your customs. 

What does your shipping cost include?

Our shipping costs include all of our documentation costs, as well as shipping costs from our factory to your port.

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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint
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