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After opening a store, we generally need common display cabinets such as reception desks, shelves or counters. But these tend to take up more space, and can't put much goods. Especially when your shop is small, you often need a display cabinet that occupies a small area and can place more products. Then, the slot board display cabinet is your good choice.


  • Product Characteristic

Our products use S+ high-density slotted board, which has strong load-bearing performance. The density is several times higher than that of the trough boards made of poplar and mulberry leaves on the market. Each high-density channel plate and thick aluminum channel strip can bear the weight of one person. And the materials selected are all green, healthy and environmentally friendly. Rugged and durable without any peculiar smell. The alloy groove strip is made of high-quality alloy material, which is stronger, less rusty, and corrosion-resistant. The surface of the groove is smooth, and the aluminum alloy grooves fit closely, and the workmanship is fine.

  • Multiple Applications

The slot plate display rack is not only suitable for your various types of shops, such as mobile phone accessories stores, music shops, handicraft shops, shoe shops, etc., but also can be matched with various hooks to change the form of goods placement.

  • Different Shapes

We have different styles of slot plate display racks, and we can also provide you with special customized services according to your needs. Make your store design more in line with your business.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF
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