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Everyone who has visited the supermarket knows that the shelf capacity inside is very large, they will not occupy a lot of space, and every space can be used. Since they sell snacks and food in bulk, the shelf capacity required is very large. In addition to the display, we also need space to put our labels or prices, etc.

The shelf I want to introduce today is very commonly used in many supermarkets. Its installation is very simple and light. It can also be disassembled. We can install the shelf according to the size of our store or the number of products placed.

Shelf details

Material: Metal

Additional features: Disassembly

Size: optional

Appearance craft: baking paint

Color: Grey (It can be customized)

The number of laminates can be increased manually. We can install laminates according to our needs, or choose the height of laminates. In addition to installing laminates, this kind of shelf can also be used by hanging hooks. It is suitable for storing small snacks in bulk.

retail racks

Shelf structure

From the picture below we can see the overall structure of the shelf. In addition to the main shelf in the middle, we can also hang another shelf on the side. Therefore, all four sides of our shelves are available for housing products.

display shelf

Its capacity is very large. The quality of the laminate is very strong, so you don't have to worry about it being unable to withstand the weight of the product.

 Shelf Size & Material

The shelves shown in the picture are made of metal materials, and we also support wooden products. If you have requirements for materials, you can tell us. The color and size of the shelves can be customized. 

If you have your own idea, you can tell us. We can create a new shelf for you.

Real scene rendering

display racks

retail shelves

More Information
Color grey
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Metal, baking paint
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