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As technology becomes more advanced, we have many things more and more advanced. Available now-great look, energy-saving neon-style led signage. LED sign technology is also more and more advanced, developing faster and faster, and is used in many ways. In other words: led technology is a popular way to create and implement digital displays for businesses. The led sign is a sign of the fusion of this technology and logo. The led sign is a sign composed of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Light-emitting diodes are relatively bright and can help attract customers to your business premises. Globally, the use of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) in commercial logos is quickly becoming a normative behavior. The purpose is to increase and maintain customer participation. To improve your income. These bright lights allow you to see the information clearly at night and during the day.

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Programmable LED signs can display different letter information. This constantly evolving technology can make your products known by the public more quickly and quickly so that it can have a wider range of attention.

Customized LED signs are a modern alternative to traditional neon signs. It is made from a flexible tube that contains small LED lights, the purpose is to imitate the traditional neon tube. Our LED signs are easy to install and relatively durable. Our LED signs can be sold all over the world. Generally speaking, compared with traditional neon lights, LED lights are lighter in weight, lower in cost, more durable, and consume less led sign

As an entrepreneur or boss, you know the importance of using LED signs correctly. LED signs can increase brand awareness and guide customers to your location. The most important thing is to make your business stand out from the competition.

Outdoor led signs

Outdoor LED signs have leadership ability and a broader ability to transmit information.

Anti Display outdoor digital display provides clear advertising and brand information. With vibrant animations, graphics, and video content. Advertising is the key to increasing customer traffic and promoting sales. Many companies are striving to display their products from traditional advertising media such as newspapers, radio, and television. At this time, an outdoor LED logo has become the most cost-effective advertising tool, and customers deliver compelling messages.

Custom LED Signs For Sale

Outdoor LED signs have many sensitive elements. But you can rest assured that we will not save money on appearance and quality. Anti Display's sturdy aluminum frame will not rust. This will not only ensure the safety and reliability of electronic components but also provide you with protection.

Outdoor LED signs are completely exposed to nature and must withstand all kinds of weather. This requires that our materials can withstand all kinds of harsh environments, and have the characteristics of light resistance, high-temperature resistance, waterproof and windproof. We will work on his structure. A weatherproof line will be made to stop the path of rain and wind. This keeps the interior dry and the exterior glows brightly.

Indoor LED signs

In this fast-paced society, you are attracting customers to buy your products in a matter of moments. So indoors we need to have a logo to attract customers' attention. Indoor LED signs should suggest and convince customers to let them buy products. And tell them which areas of the store are carrying out promotional activities. Therefore, indoor LED signs must be based on bright, clear, vibrant, and interesting display effects. To attract new customers to purchase.

Therefore, whether it is in an office, church, school, shopping mall, airport, or retail store, we must cleverly design and display indoor LED logo content. So as to attract the attention of people. Secondly, indoor LED signs have the advantages of high-definition screens and sound and light effects. Therefore, it can attract the attention of consumers and quickly leave an impression on consumers. This move adds flexibility to advertising because consumers can get real-time information at any time.

Rolling LED signs

Our most common LED signs are rolling. The rolling LED signs to enhance the advertising effect, and the cost is not very expensive, and it is easy for consumers to more clearly understand our products or store activities. Indoor electronic LED signs provide more flexible advertising information and can attract potential customers. More importantly, new information can be updated in real-time to attract customers.

Why use LED signs for retail business space?

Make use of customized indoor or window LED signs so that your store can get higher sales. Although the indoor digital LED sign is smaller than outdoor. But we will also use the same high-quality materials as the outdoor LED signs for production. Let the effect of the LED signs be equally bright and eye-catching. The most important point of our LED signs is its versatility. You can place your LED signs on the display window to display your products through the display window. This can be seen by more pedestrians.

You can also display products in a prominent place in the store so that people can see your products at a glance. Research shows that about 50% of unplanned purchases are because indoor LED signs attract consumers. Anti Display's indoor LED signs can be seen clearly even in direct sunlight. The aim of this design is to stimulate customers' desire to buy, promote promotional activities, and so on.

Anti Display was established in 2001, engaging in design, production, and marketing. We produce many kiosks and shop furniture. We produce this commercial furniture at the same time if the customer needs led signs. We will provide corresponding led signs according to customers' requirements. If you have any doubts, you can contact us.