Shoe Storage Box For Household Use | Convenient & Durable Shoe Cabinet

Shoe Storage Box For Household Use | Convenient & Durable Shoe Cabinet

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Shoe Shop Stand | Wall High-end Display Cabinet

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For shoe shops, they sell a wide variety of shoes. So we need to prepare some large-capacity display cabinets. The most common is the display cabinet against the wall. They are generally displayed on laminates, with a large capacity and will not occupy a lot of areas. 

The shoe store I want to introduce today is three different display cabinets. They are a display cabinet against the wall, display stand, and shoe rack. Their role is to display the shoe cabinet, but the shape and capacity are different.

shoe display

Display furniture

Size/Color: Customize

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Others: Stainless steel, acrylic logo, LED light

Wall cabinet

The main color of this wall display cabinet is white, and light strips are installed on each floor. It is surrounded by gold-plated stainless steel, which is very high-grade as a decoration. The middle can be a conventional laminate display, and we can also design some different shapes. For example, rectangle or square. We can also install a lightbox at the top to show some posters.

Display Stand

This is more like a wooden stake, it is very simple. This kind of high-heeled shoes is generally displayed, it can only display a pair of shoes. Its height and color can be selected.

Display rack

This kind of display cabinet is more like our home shoe rack, its sides are open, with silver stainless steel as decoration. It is usually placed in the middle of the store.


Their substrates are all wood boards, and they are not removable, you can use them directly when you receive the goods. All our products are handmade and the quality is very good. Their surface treatment is baking varnish, the baking varnish looks very smooth, feels good, and is non-toxic and tasteless. It is used as the surface treatment of many pieces of furniture. Since we installed a light strip on the high cabinet against the wall, there will be a wire at the bottom of the cabinet, and you need to connect it to the power supply of your store.


The freight depends on the volume of the goods and your country. We will have a packing list when we complete the production. We will check the freight according to the packing list and the port of your country. The transportation time is 25-40 days. All the furniture is packed in wooden boxes with foam boards inside. They are safe. We are a custom company, if you want to change the furniture size or color, you can tell us.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF , Baking paint
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