Shoe Shop Stand | Wall High-end Display Cabinet

Shoe Shop Stand | Wall High-end Display Cabinet

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Shoe Store Fixture Shoe Display Shelf & Shoe Display Rack in Shoe Store

Wooden Shoes Receive Cabinet | Useful Multilayer Shoe Stand For Sale

  1. Multiple specifications are available
  2. Strong load-bearing
  3. Fully sealed
As low as $300.00
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For a family, the shoe storage cabinet is a very important tool. If there is no shoe cabinet, they will occupy a lot of space and will be messy, the overall effect of our home will be very bad. So we need to buy a shoe cabinet to store our shoes. Shoes are necessities. They are similar to clothes. Many people have many pairs of shoes. The shoe cabinet is for our convenience to store and take.

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Shoe cabinet details

This shoe cabinet is very popular and high-quality, and the number of layers can be selected. We can buy a suitable shop cabinet according to the number of our shoes.

Its main materials are plywood and veneer, the surface is treated with baking paint, which is safe, and non-toxic, and odorless. And every shelf can be closed to avoid the long-term accumulation of dust. The floor door is a flap door with a smart design and does not take up too much space. Its back uses a composite baffle, the whole cabinet can be completely closed, dustproof and moisture-proof

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  1. Use healthy bamboo
  2. Flip door design
  3. High capacity
  4. Multiple specifications are available
  5. Strong load-bearing
  6. Fully sealed

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All of our furniture is produced in our own factory, they are a whole, not disassembled products. So when you receive the goods, you don’t need to install it, you can use them directly.

Its wood grain color can be selected, if you want to see more colors, you can contact us, we can show you more color options.

Packaging & Shipment

All cabinets are packed in wooden boxes, with foam boards and pearl cotton inside, so the packaging is very safe.

We can ship the goods to your country when we finishing production. The shipping fee is based on the volume of the goods and the destination port or address.

Production time: 15-28 working days

Shipping time: 25-40 days


We are a custom company if you want to buy some shoe display cabinets for your shop. We can design the whole shop and provide the inside furniture. All our products are designed and customized according to the client’s requirements. So you can get your favorite furniture here.

More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, Veneer
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