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Shoe Shop Stand | Wall High-end Display Cabinet

Shoe Shop Stand | Wall High-end Display Cabinet

Shoe Storage Box For Household Use | Convenient & Durable Shoe Cabinet

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As we all know, each has at least two pairs of shoes, one pair for outside wear and one pair for home wear. But this is only a small number of people, most people have at least 3 pairs of shoes, and more have at least a dozen pairs. For girls, different clothes need different shoes to match. So girls always have more shoes than boys. If you live together as a family, there will be more shoes. Today I will introduce to you a very useful shoe storage box.


Its shape is similar to a shoebox. They are made of plastic and are very convenient to hold and put. Each pair of shoes is a separate shoebox, they can be stacked together, we can buy a suitable shoe storage box according to our actual situation. They can be placed up to the tenth floor. There is a buckle design on the side, even if the shoe box is tilted, it will not fall. And this kind of shoebox is transparent, we can easily find the shoes we want. There are three sizes in the shoebox, and the maximum size is 46.

shoe display cabinet

There are many types of shoes, such as sports shoes, slippers, high heels, and leather shoes. They can all be put in a shoebox. 

high quality shoe box

Their load-bearing capacity is also very good, the maximum weight can reach 500KG. Very strong and durable.  

plastic shoes box

The minimum order of our kind of shoe cabinet is 6, you can choose different sizes, or you can add orders. Our packaging is carton packaging. The mode of transportation is sea or air. The shipping fee depends on the quantity and volume of the product.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plastic
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