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Outdoor Fiberglass Candy Display Model | Attractive Activity Center Props

environmentally friendly resin

with good oxidation resistance

the color is bright and does not fade

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Outdoor candy models are very useful props to attract customers. Whether in a candy store or a children’s activity center, we can use this lollipop display model to attract customers or highlight the nature of our business.

The material of this candy model is fiberglass, which is a very strong material. It can make a lot of display tools in different shapes and colors. Moreover, it does not fade or deform and is resistant to high temperatures and heavy rain. It is very popular outdoors.

The candy model I will introduce today has three sizes, and each size has 6 styles. The length of the rod can be adjusted. If you have a candy store, it can be placed at the entrance.

candy model


  1. It is made of environmentally friendly resin, with good oxidation resistance, and the color is bright and does not fade.
  2. The wide base ensures stable support, and the pole socket can be replaced with other products at will.
  3. The surface of the product is evenly sprayed and the color can be customized.
  4. FRP: Fiber-reinforced plastic formed by fiberglass-reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin, and phenolic resin matrix.

display stand


  1. The product can be fixed with industrial glue or AB glue, and the use of products is limited to small single products.

high quality stand

  1. Install the iron sheet at the bottom of the product, and use screws or steel nails to nail into the ground, which is simple and convenient.

display cabinet

  1. Place the product according to the proportion of the product. Punch holes in the cement pouring place at the position where the product is placed on the iron sheet or steel bar. Use screws or directly weld them. Ensure the stability of the product.


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Color orange
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Fiberglass
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