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Outdoor Fiberglass Candy Display Model | Attractive Activity Center Props

Candy Store Glass Fiber Model | Outdoor Dessert Decoration

Variety of styles
No fading, no deformation


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For candy shops, interesting decorations are very important. When we go out shopping, we can see some very cute models at the entrance of many stores. Some of them are cartoon images, and some are dessert models. They are all used as a tool to attract customers.

candy model

The display model I want to introduce today is suitable for outdoor use. It can be placed in front of the store or used in some activity centers.


candy display


High-quality glass fiber material, no fading, no deformation.
The angle iron is fixed, easy to install, and not easy to fall.

model details

Type 1 Donut model

donut model

Type 2 Ice Cream Model-1

ice cream model

Type 3 Ice Cream Model-2

outdoor ice cream model

Type 4 Ice Cream Model-3

ice cream stand

The above models have different colors. After you place an order, you can tell us which color you want.
Our packaging is wooden frame packaging with pearl cotton wrapped inside. It is very safe.

More Information
Color blue
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Glass Fiber
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