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Pink Color Candy Cart Stand Mobile Sweet Food Kiosk with Wheels Candy Shop in Mall

Small Wooden Candy Cart

Small Wooden Candy Cart For Sale Mobile Indoor Outdoor Candy Booth Potable Food Cart

Mobile Candy Cart Stand in Cartoon Sweet Food Kiosk Portable Mall Food Shop Stand for Sale

Nice Candy Kiosk & Sweet Food Booth Decoration

Indoor and Outdoor Use Candy Cart

Customized Design with Good Quality Candy Stand

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Candy carts play a big role in the sweet food business. Because it needs small money and easy to operate. The candy cart has wheels and pushes handle, which is easy to move to different places. There are many kinds of candy carts styles, we can choose a good one for business.

candy cart

Indoor and outdoor candy cart design

This candy cart is fit for both indoor and outdoor uses. It covers an area of 160cm L, 60cm W, and 200cm H. We can first apply for a location in the shopping center and send a design for review. A new design needs 2-3 workdays and shows details directly in the design drawing.

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Introduction of mobile candy cart

Color- This candy kiosk has mixed colors, they look very beautiful and catch the eyes’ attention. Decoration-The candy cart body has carton stickers with a brand name, which is good to improve brand image. There are 4 big wooden wheels for decoration and hidden wheels mainly for moving at the bottom. We can add lock cabinets behind to restore more candies for sale.

Candy cart display- Lollipops and candy boxes are placed on the countertop for sale. The edges of the counter are colorful candies decoration, highlighting the candies and food cart. While the middle has an added plate to increase the display area. So people can purchase goods in a good way.

Candy cart ceiling- The candy cart has a top like a roof. They are decorated with white and red stripes, and the "eaves" are different colors, representing different colors of candies. The candy kiosk top has candy decorations in different shapes. Such as round, five-pointed star, and candy stick shape. The brand logo is among them, very conspicuous and easy for customers to find us.

Material introduction

Materials include MDF, baking paint, metal frame, stickers, wheels, acrylic logo, etc. We can also use stainless steel to make the main body of the candy kiosk cart.

candy kiosk

More Information
Color pink
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF. baking paint, metal, stickers, etc.
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