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Mobile Candy Cart Stand in Cartoon Sweet Food Kiosk Portable Mall Food Shop Stand for Sale

Cotton candy cart

Lovely cotton candy cart mobile food booth for sale

Small Wooden Candy Cart For Sale Mobile Indoor Outdoor Candy Booth Potable Food Cart

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Candy is a sweet food, we know not only the children but most people like it. I think if you just want to start selling the candy products, you can choose a portable candy cart, it is simple and convenient.


Product Details

At first sight of this cart, we can see that it is different from other candy carts. It does not have those cute and beautiful decorations so that it makes you feel that it is not like a booth selling candy. Actually, it did sell sweet products. This is a very simple and convenient style that allows customers to focus all their attention on the candies you sell.


We have designed three rows of cubicles in the front of the cart, where you can place acrylic candy boxes. Nearly part there is also a small workbench, you can facilitate the customers to pack work. We also designed an upright shelf for the cart. You can also put some candy boxes in the middle of the shelf. Shade cloth is added for you at the very top. Avoid direct sunlight on your candy, which will melt the candy.


And you can see from the photo, a poster area is designed and installed next to an upright shelf to promote your brand to your customers. We can also add your logo to the cart for you. At the bottom of this cart, we will install several universal wheels for you, it is convenient for you to push it to anywhere you want to go.

Main Material

This candy cart is mainly made of MDF and plywood. Its surface is used baking paint and laminated craft. So you can see its whole effect is very high-end and simple. If you want to make some changes, we will according to your needs to make.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF
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