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High-end Wall Cosmetics Display Cabinet Luxury Skin-care Products Display Stands For Shopping Mall

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If you open a cosmetic products store, you will need many wall display shelves and retail display cabinets to show the beauty products you sell. A good display cabinet can help you attract many customers.


Products Details

Today I introduced the display cabinet as mainly a wall display cabinet. It can effectively use the wall area of your store to maximize the use of space.

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The wall display cabinet is divided into two parts. One is products you selling showing area. The other one is the product storage area. It is very convenient for you to show or store your cosmetic products.

The product display area uses some gold-plated stainless steel to make the display frame. And use LED lighting and LED lightbox paint to make the wall display cabinet look more gorgeous. The combination of lighting and the product you are showing highlights the high-end of the cosmetic products. The product display area is divided into three parts, and you can display different series of cosmetic or skin-care products on both sides to meet customer needs. The most conspicuous position in the middle is used to display the main products in your store.

product display

And about the head area and storage area of this wall display cabinet, you can use them as your logo or poster promotion area. It not only can save the space, can also let the customers know your brand better.

Main Material

Whether it is the cosmetic display cabinets and skin-care display stands, we all use high-quality material to make for you. They are usually made of MDF or plywood. Which is a durable cause of their good quality. Other materials will include the LED lights, stainless steel, tempered glass, etc...

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF
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