High-end Cosmetic Store Display Shelf, Retail Racks, Makeup Shop Wall Display Cabinets For Sale

High-end Cosmetic Store Display Shelf, Retail Racks, Makeup Shop Wall Display Cabinets For Sale

cosmetic display stand

Luxury Cosmetic Display Stand Modern Design Makeup Cabinet & Wall Display Shelf for Sale

Cosmetic Shop Display Cabinet | luxury rack style for sale

Universal, suitable for many types of shops
High quality, stylish modern style
Support customization

As low as $600.00
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Many display stands are actually universal. Beautiful and high-quality display stands can always attract the attention of customers. If we want to win more customer attention, then the display racks in our store can't be too simple. The metal frame display cabinet gives people a more advanced feeling. We can use an electroplated stainless steel frame, white wooden laminate, and storage cabinets as the display rack for our products. 

It can be seen from the picture that its display effect is very good. Many cosmetic stores will use this type of display stand. On the top of the shelf can put our logo, product name, or picture.

retail stand

Metal Rack Details

This display shelf is composed of a metal frame and storage cabinets. The curved frame at the top gives us the shape of the shelf, which is a display shelf with a European and American style. Our materials are very environmentally friendly, and the frame is also thick and very durable. The color of the frame is available in three colors: white, gold, and black, and the color of the laminate can also be customized. The locker can put our inventory or some tools.

cosmetic shelf

The following is the matching effect of different colors

display cabinet

Our display racks are all integral, and we use wooden boxes to pack them. When you receive the goods, they can be used directly, no need to install them again. So it is very convenient. This kind of display stand has several different sizes, and you can choose the one that suits you according to the size of your shop or the number of products.


In addition to cosmetic shops, this display cabinet is also suitable for bag shops, pharmacies, snack shops, bedrooms, etc. They are suitable for stylish and modern storefronts. When ordering, we must also combine the style of our store.

More Information
Color golden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Stainless steel, baking paint
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