Shopping Mall Shoe stand | Shoes Cleaner Kiosk For Sale

Shopping Mall Shoe stand | Shoes Cleaner Kiosk For Sale

Indoor Shoes Mall Kiosk

Styled Design Indoor Shoes Mall Kiosk For Sale Modern Sandals Shoes Display Counter

High-end Shoes Kiosk Modern Mall Shoes Display Counter Shoe Booth

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The kiosk are very popular in the mall, because the sellers need to have one to support their goods and have a place to sell. We can see there are many food kiosk, clothes kiosk, jewelry kiosk, watch kiosk, shoes kiosk etc. It is necessary to own a kiosk. I introduce one shoes kiosk to you for reference.

The features of the shoe kiosk

This shoe size is 4*3m, which is enough big. The main color tone is white. The material of the shoe kiosk is MDF, and the surface is white baking paint finish. Above the factors all can be customized according to your needs. Our designer can design it base on your any requirements with their professional experience. About the shoe kiosk layout, one side is the three layers display wall with the warm led light to shine the shoes, which can be more attractive. There is one cash register in the middle of the kiosk. Another side is the short display counters, you can put some common shoes and to attract the customers. The counter also with the cabinets, you can put the shoes to storage, when customers need others sizes of the shoes, you can take them out to offer. The logo is on the cash register, display wall and counter. The whole kiosk looks very high-end


Material Pictures

We use the standard material and reach the requirements of the mall.

The design of the shoe kiosk

  1.  Tell me your information regarding your mall kiosk design, including shopping area size, logo, branding and what things you prepare to sell.
  2. design deposit is 300usd for this project, it show our sincere to cooperated.
  3. Our designer will give you the 3D drawing plan in 3 – 5 working days according to your request about mall bakery food kiosk design.
  4. After the design finished, if you find some place not acceptable, our designer will  revise it freely.
  5. After the design plan approved by you, we will give you CAD drawing plan, then manufacture it.
  6. We can help you to buy some machines about mall bakery food kiosk design, delivered together with your goods for saving your some time and money.
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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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