High-end Shoes Kiosk Modern Mall Shoes Display Counter Shoe Booth

High-end Shoes Kiosk Modern Mall Shoes Display Counter Shoe Booth

Shopping Mall Shoe stand | Shoes Cleaner Kiosk For Sale

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We know that shoes are also brand-name, and many shoes are very expensive, so when the shoes are dirty and can't be washed, we will send them to a store or a small stall that specializes in washing shoes. In shopping malls, we can often see shoe cleaning kiosks, and MGK is a well-known shoe cleaning company. What we want to introduce below is the shoe cleaning kiosk used in shopping malls.

Shoe Cleaner Kiosk

This kiosk size is 10x5ft, it is small, and both sizes are working areas. There are a total of four seats at the front and back. Besides the seats are some product display cabinets. The back wall can be installed with an advertising player, and the top is equipped with spotlights, which can make our kiosk brighter.

Next to the work area is the cash register. On this kiosk, we have installed a lot of logos, because this is a well-known brand, so when people see our logo, they will trust us more.

shoe stand

Kiosk Information

Size: 10x5ft

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Logo: Acrylic

Light: LED light

Others: Stainless steel toe kick, sockets, hardware

Kiosk Production

The above picture is this kiosk's final design. When confirming the final design, we will start the production. Our production is done completely in accordance with the design drawings. The surface treatment we use is glossy baking paint, its effect is very beautiful. When finishing the surface finish, we will install the logo, light, and sockets, then we will assemble the kiosk and test the circuit. Then take some pictures or video to our customer. If no problem, we will pack and arrange the shipment.

shoe cleaner kiosk

Kiosk assemble

It is very easy, you can according to the design to put the separate cabinet together, and connect the connectors between them. We have a main wire in the cash counter, it needs to connect to the mall power supply. Then it can work.

More Information
Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF , Baking paint
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