Custom Juice Drinks Lemon Bar

Custom Juice Drinks Lemon Bar New Custom Small Juice Kiosk

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Small Fruit Cart Retail Food Stand Custom Wooden Vendor Cart In Mall

Fruit Juice Cart Design Fresh Drink Juice Cart Design New Snack Juice Booth

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Along the street, we can always see a lot of vendors pushing their carts selling all kinds of snacks, very convenient and practical. For those of you who want to start a business, especially fruit juice and coffee drinks like this, which can be made with just a few simple devices. If you are thinking of doing business, we have a new design to give you some ideas.

 Snack Juice Booth

This car is dedicated to selling fruit juice drinks, although the overall size of the reasonable layout can also easily arrange your equipment, and store the corresponding ingredients. However, we need to make it look very attractive, borrowed two colors of your logo as the main color of the whole design, green and yellow, the whole car is very attractive, especially the green and yellow spacing between each other, and does not give people a very messy feeling, but the oncoming very fresh enjoyment, close to the breath of summer.

 Snack Juice Booth

At the top we designed a curved shape, and use the front space design to add your logo, also can hang a menu. The body part of the design of a large wheel as decoration, let customers know that your car can move, at the bottom of the additional four universal wheels, also designed on the side of the car is a large push hand for you to push.

 Snack Juice Booth

We all know that the counter is used to put the equipment, and we also designed the glass partition to keep your production process clean. The counter at the bottom is designed as a storage space so that you can use it for storage. The other side is the same design, but we don't have a cabinet door so that you can quickly use the interior space.

 Snack Juice Booth

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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