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Creative cafe display booth design coffee cart with wheels used in mall

Outdoor coffee stand design | wooden retail cafe stall for sale

Outdoor coffee stand design | wooden retail cafe stall for sale

Stainless steel outdoor coffee cart | high quality cafe stand for sale

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Hello, welcome to our website. Do you also have a business you like? We are the supporters behind you. We can provide you with anything you want. If you have a shop, we can provide the furniture inside. If you want to do business in the mall, we can provide you with a kiosk. If your budget is not high, but you want to make a small cart outdoors, we can also help you. You can see that there are many products on our website. If you don't know how to buy what you want, you can contact us. 

High quality for an outdoor coffee cart

Today I want to introduce you to an outdoor coffee cart. The size is about 1.8m. It is very attractive from the appearance. Its main material is stainless steel, which is very durable and safe. We can put our machine on the table. Such as coffee machines. We can drill holes on the countertop and install the socket in the cabinet so that our machine can run. We can also install sinks. Considering that the outdoor weather is not very good, we can install a canopy, which can block us from the sun. Such cars are generally equipped with wheels and are very portable. The cost of this kind of outdoor cart is not very high. We can install sockets and lights to ensure that it can operate normally. When you receive the goods, you need to connect the local power supply so that it can work.

Ordering Steps

  1. Contact us, tell me your requirements and your business. We will according to your requirements to design the cart. Before design, you need to pay a 300USD design deposit. When we place an order, it will be returned to you. Our design time is 2-3 working days.
  2. After confirming the design, we will start production. The production time is 18-25 working days.
  3. Send me your port or your address, when we finishing the goods, we can ship the cart to your country. We also will check the shipping fee to you.

If you are interested to make an outdoor cart, please contact us

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Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Stainless steel
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