Exhibition Display

Are you looking for exhibition display? The exhibition display is a place to promote products and promote transactions. They can also visually demonstrate the company's strength, brand competitiveness and service. It usually contains Trade Show Booth, Canopy Tent, Pop-up Banner, Pop-up Displays, Truss System, Trade Show Counters. The lighting decoration is very important for exhibition kiosk, because it can light up your booth and among many peers Attract attention. Because usually exhibitors are from the same industry, and your exhibition display is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, I believe you can get many customers.

Ant display provides customized exhibition display for trade show and events. We have a professional designer team to provide professional design, and a skilled construction team completes the production. We also provide the design of the showroom. The style and form of the exhibition display design are of vital importance to the entire exhibition hall, and can fundamentally affect the overall condition of the exhibition hall. Therefore, it is very important to choose a professional exhibition display team. Ant display has more than 20 years of experience in customizing exhibition displays. I firmly believe that you can obtain satisfactory products and services in our company. Browse more exhibition display here.

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Exhibition kiosk usage:

  • Temporary display

Temporary exhibitions include booth design, stage design, and event planning. All need to find designers from exhibition design companies to integrate aesthetics into it to help Party A achieve the effect of publicizing and displaying corporate culture and displaying products, preferably in paper or electronic versions. Provide design solutions in the form.

  • Long-term display

Long-term exhibitions include exhibition hall design, exhibition hall design, specialty store design, shopping mall design, etc. The plan is also completed by a professional exhibition design company just like the temporary display. The difference is that the long-term display will exist for a long time, and there will be no disassembly behavior in the short-term.

  • Multimedia exhibition

Multimedia exhibition display is a new display method that emerged after the Shanghai World Expo. It uses traditional decorative design as a carrier, coupled with multimedia technology to "live" the design of the pavilion, achieving human-computer interaction and fun. It is suitable for various exhibition halls, museums, planning halls, and interesting exhibition halls such as science and technology museums.

Exhibition display classification

1. In terms of nature, there are two types of exhibitions kiosk: trade show exhibition display and consumption exhibition kiosk

A trade show is an exhibition held for industries. The main purpose of the exhibition is to exchange information and negotiate trade. The consumer exhibition is for direct sales, and consumers can place orders directly. How to distinguish them? Trade exhibitions are mainly open to industry and commerce, consumer exhibitions are open to the public, and comprehensive exhibitions are compatible with both. You can buy them at Ant display

2. In terms of content, the exhibition is divided into two categories: comprehensive exhibition and professional exhibition.

Comprehensive exhibitions refer to exhibitions that include the entire industry or several industries, and are also called horizontal exhibitions, such as the Industrial Fair. Professional exhibitions refer to exhibitions that showcase a certain industry or even a certain product, such as the International Auto Show. One of the outstanding features of professional exhibitions is that they often hold seminars and report meetings at the same time to introduce new products and new technologies.

3. In terms of scale, the exhibition has international, national, regional, and local exhibitions, as well as exclusive exhibitions of individual companies.

4. Divided by exhibition time, it includes regular exhibition kiosk and irregular exhibition display.

There are regular four times a year, twice a year, once a year, once every two years, etc. Professional exhibitions generally last three days.

5. According to the location of the venue, the exhibition is divided into indoor exhibition and outdoor exhibition.

Indoor exhibitions are mostly used for exhibitions that display conventional exhibits, such as textile exhibitions and electronics exhibitions. Outdoor exhibitions are mostly used for exhibitions that display conventional exhibits, and display oversized and overweight exhibits, such as aviation exhibitions and mining equipment exhibitions. Exhibitions held in rotation in several places are called traveling exhibitions.

Exhibition display features:

  1. The design of the booth must reflect the corporate spirit, corporate culture and characteristics of the designed enterprise.
  2. The decoration shape can be changed at will, and the material recyclability is high.
  3. The overall cost is much lower than the long-term display project.
  4. The work cycle time is short. After the factory is made and processed, it can be assembled on site. The assembly time usually within 2 days.