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Trade Show Counters

Are you looking for a trade show counter? Want to stand out at your next trade show? The exhibition counter is an ideal solution for product display, sampling station, computer workstation or service kiosk. Accessories include sign stands, shelves and display stands. We have tables in various sizes and styles, including tables with doors. With so many options, you will find exactly the size you need for the next trade show to fit a specific size. We are proud to provide a variety of trade booths made of the highest quality materials to enable them to be competent for countless trade events. You need each portable podium and counter to be customized to perfectly suit your brand and messaging. Whether you are attending a conference for the first time or an experienced exhibitor, our expert team will be happy to help you find the solution that best suits your needs!

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Get Top Quality Trade Show Counter From Ant Display

Trade show counters provide exposure and flexibility for events or meetings, there are various tyles trade show counters, free-standing counter, pop up counters to display samples or flyers in a fair.  Functional, easy pop-up and lightweight counters make it easy for most of the participantstrade show counter

Various Design & Colors

The trade counter is available in a variety of colors and designs. Whether you are attending a conference for the first time or an experienced exhibitor, Ant Display's trade counter can meet your needs. These designs include round, quadrilateral, and bullet shapes. The oval base is very suitable for communicating with more audiences. The circular design makes it easier for groups to gather in the center. The rectangular model has the ability to stand independently or in groups. Putting models together can create large booth fixtures. The bullet-style model has more space to organize the paper and desktop. Some of our portable display devices can be customized with their own graphics. This may include wrap-around accessories, stretch covers, or artwork that slides in fixtures. We also offer podiums with graphics and document attachment options. These are ideal for conference centers, auditoriums or classrooms

POP-UP Exhibition Counters

What makes the exhibition counter different from standard folding tables or other display equipment? These portable bases are designed for regular use, allowing you to easily perform these activities. Commercial display cabinets come in various sizes and can be used in groups or as individual display accessories. Booth kiosks provide greater flexibility when designing presentations. The trade counter is an excellent focal point of the exhibition or just a supplement to the display platform.

Why Choose Ant Display Trade Show Stands

Portable Exhibition Counters & Stands

  • The exhibition counter is usually used to distribute literature such as brochures or promotional specifications
  • Play fun games, such as prize wheels or lottery drums. This is very effective when promoting products or services to an audience.
  • Provide refreshments for guests while enhancing brand image.
  • The display stand can interact with potential customers in a concentrated and balanced environment. This will bring more positive experiences to both parties.
  • The trade show table allows your booth visitors to interact with your sales staff. Information kiosks can not only display products but also work well as checkout counters.
  • Conduct business transactions and make sales.

Our Advantages

  1. These portable counters take up very little space but have a large surface area.
  2. A combined design makes it easy and convenient to transport consumables. Setup and disassemble also very simple.
  3. Fabric accessories can add bright colors to the presentation without attracting or distracting the audience.
  4. Trade show counters from Ant display have various styles and colors, which create a perfect effect for any setting.
  5. Some models include folders for enhanced functions and iPad folder attachments.

Function Counters With Mini Packages

Event and business exhibition counters must save space, be easy to assemble and light in weight. These booths are modular, so they can be assembled in minutes without the use of tools and can be transported by public carriers. These exhibition counters are durable and designed for years of events and promotions. In addition to the standard furniture shelf, there is also a commercial display shelf with custom printed graphics. You can design a unique poster and print it in full color to further increase the company's visibility at the exhibition.

Custom Trade Show Counters For Sale

Ant Display provides a variety of promotional trade exhibition counters, podiums, and service kiosks, which are both lightweight and mobile. Trade show stands, podiums or kiosks are easy to assemble and can be folded into handbags. There are many options for trade show counters, podiums and kiosks. Trade booths, podiums and service kiosks provide exhibitors with a central location to interact with potential customers. Commercial kiosks, podiums, and self-service kiosks help to showcase products or create literary works to participants. Trade show stands, podiums, and service kiosks are designed to be lightweight but strong enough to support considerable weight. One person can easily move the trade show counters of this exhibition. Ant Display's trading counters can meet your needs. For a more compact solution, consider using a portable podium or workstation.