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High quality ice -cream kiosk design frozen yogurt kiosk with bar counter

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Summer is coming. Whenever we go out of the home or company, we will feel so hot and very desperate to eat ice cream, which can greatly lower our body’s temperature in this baking season. It is a good choice to open an ice cream kiosk this time. If you are interested in this industry, I would like to introduce an ice cream kiosk to you.

Detail information


Color: red and white

Material: fire-plate

Design time:2-3 workdays

Production time: 22-27 workdays

As we can see from the picture, this kiosk contains an L-shape bar counter. It allows customers to rest here. Eating the ice cream and chatting with their partner, it sounds so joyful. There are some gastronorm containers. They have enough space to store the different ice cream, and you can match different tastes. I believe your ice-cream will look so beautiful and appetitive. On its leaf side, you can set a cashier register here. When customers pick up their food, they can check out in the same area. Under the work counter, it has some cabinets and we also leave a space for your ice machine. When we do the design, you are allowed to send the poster of your main product, then we can show and make it in light on the backboard and it will arouse people’s desire to buy.

L-shape counter

backboard, decoration


A beautiful decoration plays an important role in catching people’s eyes. In this kiosk, in order to blend its theme, there are some colorful trim strips and liquid decoration installed on the wall, which make kiosk look more dreamlike and attractive.


More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials fire-plate
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