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ice-cream kiosk

High quality ice -cream kiosk design frozen yogurt kiosk with bar counter

Fucntional candy and ice-cream kiosk with display shelf

Fucntional candy and ice-cream kiosk with display shelf

Red coffee bar kiosk used in mall bubble tea kiosk for sales

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According to science, intake a moderate amount of sweet food can make people feel better, so that people can get healthy, you are allowed to eat candy, bread, even ice cream and so on. When we go shopping, we can find many candy kiosk and ice-cream kiosks in the mall. They are desperate, but today, I would like to introduce a functional kiosk to you.

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Logo:laminous logo or cusotmized

Design time:2-3 workdays

Production time: 22-27 workdays


As we can see from the picture, it is divided into two parts. When we do the design, we will show the effect of dessert display and ice-cream display. You are allowed to show their size and we can leave reasonable space to suit them. On the right side of the dessert display, there is a counter, you are allowed to place your machines. It also includes 2 display shelves with 4 layers. You are supposed to show the snack or other food products here. It has a small door between the shelf and a small counter. It is convenient for workers to get in and out. And there is a display where you are allowed to place your candy boxes. Because it is big enough and in its centre, it also has a long work counter, including the sink and cabinets.

ice cream kiosk

ice cream kiosk

How to order?

First, tell me your specific requirements, such as layout, size, color and so on.

Second, we will show them in the 3D design. Before that, you need to charge 300 USD as the design fee.

Third, you need to charge 50% deposit, then we start to produce.

Fourth, when finishing the production, please charge the balance money, then we will ship the kiosk to you.


More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials wood
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