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Attractive frozen yogurt kiosk ice cream bar for sales

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Summer is coming soon. It is time for us to eat some cold drinks. Especially with frosty ice cream, which can refresh us in an instant. In this season, when we hang out in the street or mall, we can see there are lots of customers crowded with ice cream kiosks. They seem to want the ice cream very much. If you want to start your ice-cream business, there is a beautiful ice cream kiosk for your reference.


Size: 3*2m

Color:white and blue

Material:fire-plate and tempered glass

Acccassaries:light strip,posters,LED

Design time:2-3 workdays

Production time: 22-27 wordays


It is very beautiful, there is a covering on the top, which forms a semi-enclosed space and can greatly keep the food clean. At the front counter, there is a yogurt display with covering, you are allowed to place your ice cream machine here. On its right side, it includes the cashier counter.from the back counter, it has two windows on each side. And you are allowed to set your menu in the centre. When people order here, they can choose their favorable food from this menu. On the right side of kiosk, you are allowed to show some posters on the wall. When people go by, they may attract them and help them place an order quickly.

frozen yogurt kiosk

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More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials fire-plate,tempered glass
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