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This cabinet is relatively small and simple. Production will not be very troublesome. It is mainly divided into four steps. The first is to make the wooden cabinet, the second is to polish, the third is to paint, and the fourth is to install the acrylic logo and transformer. We are a customized company, all products are made on the spot, no stock. When the customer places an order, we will make a drawing with the detailed dimensions and materials of the cabinet. We let the customer confirm, and after the confirmation, we will start production.

Wooden body

The wooden cabinet is shaped according to the size of the front desk, and wires are reserved in the cabinet. The cabinet doors and drawers are made separately. After fixing the cabinet, we need to polish it.


Polishing is a relatively trivial process. It takes a lot of time. We need to grind the cabinet surface smooth and flat with a certain degree of roughness, and then apply a layer of primer.

Baking paint

Baking paint is a very important process. If we have a favorite color, we can choose the color in advance, then adjust the color, and then spray it on the cabinet. Since our cabinet is white, we don't need to adjust the color, you can spray the color directly, and then set the shape at high temperature. This cabinet is almost complete.


When the cabinet surface is finished, the last step is to install the logo. We will cut out the shape of our logo on the cabinet, then put a white acrylic board on the back and install the light strip, then use glass glue to stick the acrylic logo on it, connect it to the power source, and it will light up. Due to the different voltages in different countries, we will also install transformers on the cabinets. We also install sockets on the cabinets so that our computers can run. Before installation, we will confirm the socket model with you.

This is the production process of the entire cabinet. The production time of a cabinet is about 10 working days. After you place the order, you need to send us your logo as a PDF file, it needs to be in high definition. If you want to change the color of the cabinet, you can also tell us. We will confirm the color with you first so that many mistakes can be avoided.


After the goods are completed, you need to pay the balance payment. We will ship the goods to your port or the address you specify. If it is shipped to the port, you need to pick up the goods at the port. They will notify you in advance to pick up the goods, and we will also send you the documents needed for customs clearance and delivery. The door-to-door freight is more expensive, we will clear the customs for you and deliver it to your designated location. After the goods arrive, you need to arrange for someone to unload them. We do not help customers unload. Our freight is the cost of transportation and does not include duty. All imported goods need to pay the duty, the specific amount depends on the customs and the total value of the goods.

Ant Display Furniture

We are a customized company, and you can see many attractive reception desks on our website. If you have a style you like, you can place an order directly. If there is nothing you want, you can contact us. Tell us your request, or send us your favorite picture. We will first make a design according to your requirements, and we will arrange production after confirming the design. Our price based on desk size, material, and style.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint
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