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School Lockers

School is really important to place in our life. So we need to pay more attention to the place. Since there are many students in the school, we need to consider solving the problem of space for each student. Especially for boarders, school lockers are very important. School lockers help students store space, use space, etc. Ant Display design and manufacturer school lockers in various tyle, colors, materials, and dimensions to satisfy any of customized ideas & requirements.  Whether you are looking for wooden lockers, metal lockers, or plastic lockers, you will always find the right furniture at the best price. 

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Why you need school lockers?

Regardless of class size or type, school lockers are a must. For the school, in addition to controlling the quantity in the homework, attach importance to quality. There are also reasons for providing lockers for students:school lockers

Offer a large space for books

You can not put every book on your small desk or backpack. A desk of a few square meters, need to place textbooks, tutorials, extracurricular books, and various tools and stationery. Many items appear cluttered, making it inconvenient for students to access.

A place to Organize students Personal Accessories.

There are textbooks that need to be used frequently on the desk, similar to the reference books needed for homework. There is no need to put everything in a small desk. It also avoids excessive textbooks and to find the book easily. So that the desks are stacked into a "little castle". Fruits, sporting goods, or other items brought by students from home can be placed in the school locker.

Reduce the burden On Students.

School locker provides students with convenience in study and life. This is what parents want, and it is also one of the easiest ways for schools to reduce the burden on students. Between various courses, clubs, sports, and products, there are many books, uniforms, school bags, assignments, jackets, and everything in between. The locker is not only a home base for schoolwork but also a social place for friends and a place where students know that they and their belongings are safe. From lockers in the hallway to the dressing room, from kindergarten to university, you have seen a variety of lockers for school.

Popular Style School Lockers From Ant Display

Similar to interior wooden cabinets, there are various material can be used to build school lockers, Whether you are looking for heavy-duty strong metal lockers or need elegant outside design wooden lockers, Ant Display got your covers. Check our page and find your perfect school furniture. 

Metal School lockers

Particularly durable material is a simple stainless steel locker. The simple stainless steel locker is made of stainless steel type material, and it is easy to control when using this material. Therefore, this is suitable for many environments, whether it is good or bad. And stainless steel lockers will not rust. Therefore, even if it is used in any environment, stainless steel lockers are very new. In addition, stainless steel lockers are also very resistant to erosion and have a beautiful appearance. Stainless steel lockers do not require special cleaning and are relatively clean. In addition, the workmanship of stainless steel lockers is also very delicate.

Panel Wood Laminate School Lockers

Affordable material MDF is a new type of material today. This material is very convenient when used. People who often go to the mall should have seen such plates very well. MDF is made of wood chips fiber, but the hardness and strength of MDF are very common. Its shortcoming is that it will swell and rot in water, so the storage cabinet made of MDF is suitable for placing in a dry place indoors.

Solid Wood School Lockers

High-quality solid wood, this material is more popular nowadays. Living room lockers are mostly made of solid wood materials, which is very convenient when choosing this material. The general decoration is more advanced, and the more distinctive one is very suitable for this solid wood locker. The solid wood material is very suitable for European or Chinese classical decoration design style. For example, it can be placed in the reception room of the school, or the conference room. The structural skeleton of solid wood lockers is solid and stable. Although the size of this type of lockers is usually relatively large, it still has an elegant atmosphere.

Acrylic School Lockers

Acrylic materials are also very popular. Acrylic materials are very easy to take care of. This material is very convenient when used. Its hardness is strong, and the surface has good highlight performance. Because the manufacturing process of acrylic materials is delicate and complicated. Therefore, even if the size of the storage cabinet for placing acrylic materials indoors is not large, it is also very high-end and upscale.

Customize School Lockers at Wholesale Price

School locker, which is very common in schools, is also a cabinet for storing important items. Therefore, we have to choose better. This will help students use it.

Ant Display will provide more sizes, colors, and options. You can see the lockers in someplace in school that includes lobby mudroom lockers, kitchen staff, team rooms, gym area lockers, school changing rooms, shop classrooms, and more.

Industry Tip: You can order lockers that match the style of your school, paint them in two colors, the frame is one color, and the door is another color. Another option is that your combination lock matches the color of your locker. If necessary, you can also print the school logo on the lock. We provide customized service, can customize the school lockers according to your needs of size, material, color, and other special needs.