Lockers are very common fixtures, they are mainly used to protect and store documents and personal belongings. Lockers are very suitable for use in supermarkets, schools, offices, reference rooms, swimming pools, training halls, homes, production workshops, and laboratories. According to different materials, we can choose wood lockers, HDPE plastic storage cabinets, and metal lockers. Before choosing the material, we need to consider the place to be used, the purpose, and the person, and frequency of use. This can help you save costs and lockers can last longer. For example, metal lockers are popular in swimming pools, documents rooms, and supermarkets, while wood lockers mainly use in the gym, offices, and laboratories.

Ant Display provides a variety of high-quality, unique-shaped storage cabinets, which can be customized in size according to your location. We have first-class designers who can help you design a locker that matches your working environment, is high-end durable, and easy to clean. We have a skilled manufacturing team to create high-quality storage cabinets. If you have special requirements, you can consult our sales team for help. View the lockers here and choose your favorite lockers in the Ant display.

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The locker is very suitable for daily use. It is not only a storage device but also an important device to protect the safety of items. The lockers produced by the Ant display have a unique safety lock, which means that each cabinet door can only be opened with a matching key, which increases safety.

lockersLockers styles

Gym Lockers

Gym lockers are specially prepared for gyms and training grounds. They are usually placed in the locker room, suitable for staff, athletes, and gym members to store clothes, kits, and personal belongings. Gym lockers in Ant display have standard locks, hooks, and so on, which is convenient for people to use.

School Lockers

School lockers are usually placed in corridors, teacher offices, libraries, and archives. They are usually made of metal and fixed to the wall to prevent tipping. All door frames are equipped with rubber buffers to avoid loud noises. This way classmates and teachers will not disturb the surrounding crowd when using

Mudroom Lockers

Mudroom Lockers are designed for family use. Whether you build your own house or choose a commercial house, mudroom lockers have sliding doors, storage drawers to increase store more items. Whether in the kitchen or the bedroom, you can choose the perfect mudroom lockers for decoration.

Storage Lockers

Locke's can be used to store different items and can help us sort and place items to make the room look tidy. For example, books, CDs, magazines, medals, etc. can all be placed in separate lockers for more convenient use. You can customize the size of individual display cabinets so that you can place more specific items

Metal Lockers

The metal locker has a solid appearance and structure, which can well protect items from harm. Perfect can choose stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and galvanized lockers, they are very practical and can withstand frequent opening and closing. Usually used in supermarkets, locker rooms, dance rooms, laboratories, and production workshops, people’s belongings can be temporarily stored here

Wood Lockers

Wooden lockers are made of environmentally friendly materials, which can create a retro and classic look. They are usually suitable for collection rooms, antique shops, boutiques, and beauty shops. But they are not suitable for a humid environment and need to be treated with insect and mothproof and the surface is protected with varnish. If you want wood lockers, please choose one in Ant Display

lockersEmployee Lockers

Employee lockers are placed in the staff lounge and locker room, mainly for the convenience of employees to place and store items. You can also set up employee lockers in warehouses, retail stores, offices, and other places. These lockers are not seen by customers and are locked, which fully guarantees the safety of employees' property.

Advantages of lockers

  1. Organize items

We can put contract documents, paper documents, customer files, etc. in lockers. And arranged in order. Lockers help you find the correct file easily and quickly, and you can put it back in place after use. This way your office can also have a neat appearance. And your briefcase, laptop, and other important items can also be safely stored in the locker.

  1. Save storage space

Since lockers are suitable for storing different items in different categories, they can usually save a lot of space for other furniture and items. Besides, the lockers need a small location to place but can store many items. It is a good idea for storage in offices, homes, and shops.

  1. Decoration function

Lockers support customization, so you can make them into unique shapes, sizes, and even colors. You can also design patterns and style decorations, your lockers can also attract the attention of the public and can light up the interior decoration. At the same time, wood lockers and metal lockers can also increase the artistic atmosphere. No matter what kind of decoration style you want, Ant display will meet your requirements, we provide factory price and fast delivery