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Gym Lockers

What’s a Gym locker? Gym lockers are used to put your clothes and your personal belongings, wallets, etc when you doing sports in the gym. It usually comes with durable locks that can close, so you no need to worry your belongings lost. If you want to open a gym or in a sports field, a locker is an essential piece of furniture. Sports and fitness require incredible concentration, so items in the gym are easily lost or confused. So that’s why a gym locker is really necessary. Ant Display supplies a large variety of modern metal gym lockers, wooden gym lockers for sale. Whether you are looking for small gym locker for your salon club or need bulk gym lockers to fit your gym, you will always get the right lockers at the most economical price here. 

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We are a factory specialize in making customize lockers.we can supply different kinds of gym lockers, they have many different styles, colors, materials for you to choose.we can supply standard lockers, ventilated style lockers, Sports lockers. Our gym lockers will have space for a phone, watch, for your water, hooks, and shelves for you to put your clothes. At the same time, we can supply different kinds of locks. have password locks, normal locks, and other locks for you to choose. Our gym lockers are made of different kinds of materials, so can suitable for different locations use.gym lockers for sale

The materials used for gym lockers mainly have 4 kinds: Iron with paint lockers, wood lockers, plastic lockers, Galvanized steel lockers.

Iron Gym lockers

Compared with the current wardrobes, the metal cabinet has a cheap and affordable price and is loved by more customers, but for the gym, the experience will give members a low-end feeling, the cabinet is not waterproof, Anti-rust, anti-corrosion function, oxidation and paint loss will occur after a period of use. The general use period of the metal cabinet is 1-2 years. If the site is opened for 1-2 years, the cost of using the metal cabinet is still relatively low. It is also more applicable.

Wooden Gym Lockers

Wooden lockers have been widely used in various venues for a long time, and they are also very popular. The size of the cabinet can be customized according to the size of the venue. Due to the variety of wooden lockers, the cost of construction is also high. Different, a whole made of wooden cabinets is customized, and the appearance is also in line with the vision of modern people, but it is still slightly lacking in long-term performance! Disadvantages are poor moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. The cabinet is bulky, cannot be disassembled freely, swells when exposed to water, and smells when the new cabinet is painted. The running-in period also requires a period of time. The overall period of use is 3-5 years. Slightly high, each venue is more suitable.

ABS Plastic Gym Lockers:

As a new type of product on the market, ABS plastic commonly includes bus plastic seats, automobile plastic covers, computer mainframe shells, air-conditioning shells, etc. The locker body is formed by 100% ABS resin injection molding The board is water-proof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof, non-toxic, odorless, formaldehyde-free, rust-free, color-fast, washable, pressure-resistant, impact-resistant, fresh in appearance without losing high-end quality and strong customer experience. It can use up to 20 years. It can be arbitrarily placed and assembled according to the size of the venue and can be disassembled repeatedly. Applicable venues include gyms, swimming pools, water parks, outdoor, hotels, hot springs, bathrooms, gyms, schools, coal mines, etc. The disadvantage is that it does not support order, and the short-term use cost is high. The venue has been used for more than five years, and the cost-effectiveness of the ABS locker is still good in terms of usability, practicality, and durability.

Galvanized Steel Gym Lockers

Galvanized steel locker is a kind of wardrobe mainly made of steel with the galvanized surfaces. It has the advantages of anti-corrosion, beautiful surface, and easy soldering. And long service life, relatively high cost, is a good choice for some gyms that pursue quality and long-term use.

How to choose a gym locker?

How to choose a gym locker? I believe this is a question many customers will ask. Here are some suggestions for your ref:

  1. pay attention to the locker’s design:

If you wanna get a special and high-end locker, then you need to pay attention to design. The market has many metal lockers and plastic lockers, because mass production, so styles are limit. So you can choose a wood locker. Because I have many surface finish materials and colors can choose, and it can do different shapes, add your logo, so can meet your needs.

  1. According to your budget and usage

Different materials and style lockers suit different kinds of locations and needs. If your budget limit, maybe you can choose the iron lockers and plastic lockers, if your budget enough and wanna more high-end, can use wood or steel. If you used to put shoes we can also supply Ventilated lockers.

  1. Pay attention to the thickness of the cabinet panel:

No matter metal locks or plastic lockers, wood lockers, when you buy the lockers, you need to pay attention to panel thickness. The lockers inside need put many goods, so need to choose a thick panel to ensure it is durable enough.

Custom Gym Lockers For Sale. 

If you do not find any design you like above, our team can also custom the gym lockers for you, from material to dimensions, from colors to styles. we can 100% build the gym locker according to your special requirements. Ant display is a direct factory with the design team, we have thousands of lockers for you to can see if there has one style you like.or if you want to be customized,we can also design for you!

Welcome to inquiry if you have any needs!