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Lockers are in addition to office furniture, another type of office furniture that needs to be prepared to store and protect personal items. It can make employees more convenient and at ease when they go to work, how to choose a locker and which material is more suitable, these employee lockers will give you the answer.

lockersMost of the lockers we usually see are made of metal, and this locker is no exception. And the upgrade is made of thickened cold-rolled steel plate material, which is strong and impact-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-embroidered, and scratch-resistant, allowing you to use it for a longer time. Know that you are concerned that metal lockers may be prone to bumps and injuries during use. The surface of the steel plate is specially sprayed with a fine powder to make it look smooth and beautiful; the edges and corners are polished carefully to avoid accidents.

LockersThis locker has a large storage capacity. We have designed a variety of structures to facilitate your use in multiple scenarios. The large compartment has a stainless steel clothes rail inside, which is smooth and shiny and can also hang a full set of clothes. Other small compartments store various bags There is no problem with packing shoes. You can also store some important personal documents. The thickened board improves the load-bearing capacity of the locker, allowing you to store it confidently.

lockerWe also pay great attention to the details of the lockers. The doors are equipped with hardware handles, which are comfortable to handle and easy to open and close the doors. The bottom of the cabinet door is designed with ventilation holes for good ventilation, and the convex vent design can effectively prevent insects and dust, which is practical and beautiful. Independent tamper-resistant locks, and solid steel locks, securely protect your personal storage items.

LockerThere are many other styles for your choice, we can also customize any size as your needs, if you have a special request about it just let us know.



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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Metal
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