Fiberglass Mushroom

fiberglass mushroomFiberglass mushroom 

Are you looking for fiberglass mushroom to decoration you garden? Fiberglass mushroom is a garden sculpture that we can see everywhere in squares, parks, campuses, amusement parks, and gardens. They have the function of decorating and beautifying the environment. The fiberglass mushroom has a smooth finish, is easy to install, can withstand wind and sun, and can be displayed in a lighted environment. Whether you want to decorate your yard or decorate your shop with a styling, fiberglass mushroom can give you a wonderful finish. Mushroom in Ant Display accept customize and matches your decoration requirements.

Ant display, as a professional glass fiber reinforced plastic mushroom sculpture manufacturer, we have different shapes, styles and colors of glass fiber reinforced plastic mushrooms for image display. You can tell us what you think, the designer will help you complete the Fiberglass mushroom design and workers refer to the confirmed design to produce FRP mushrooms. Then paint the craft on the surface and take pictures or take a video for your confirmation, the image is lifelike. You can make it in multiple colors and make it in different sizes to create different decorative effects. Brows fiberglass mushroom styles now.

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Ant display's giant Fiberglass mushroom sculpture is very artistic. They look realistic and close to nature and are attractive, energetic, and visually striking. The beautiful appearance of Fiberglass mushrooms makes our living environment colorful. It is precise because of these beautiful fiberglass mushroom sculptures that our blank environment is alive. It calms our lives and feels relaxed. The shapes of glass fiber reinforced plastic mushrooms are diverse and ever-changing. Its color, shape, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, heat insulation, and other properties are very good.

Fiberglass mushroomFRP mushroom decorations are always personalized multi-scene displays, from gardens, lawns, courtyards, and even party decorations. You can also use fiberglass mushrooms to create a world of children's paradise. I believe that colorful and lovely mushroom is deeply loved by people.

Fiberglass mushroom features

1. High-quality materials

The base material is made of stable marine resin and platinum glass fiber cloth, steel is built-in, and the surface treatment is baking varnish, four-layer spraying, and the surface is bright and free of impurities.

2. Attractive appearance

The products are all handmade, have no dents, no cracks, high strength, and are beautiful in use. High-gloss color finish.

3. Various surface effects

Fiberglass mushrooms can be made into various effects to meet different requirements. For example, polished light and shade, gold, antique, imitation copper, imitation jade, etc. And through direct spray paint treatment, gold foil, silver foil, electroplating, make the surface of the work appear rough, smooth, or stone grain effect.

4. Stable chemical properties

Use car paint to protect the mushroom finish. Durable, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, and first-class quality.


>Commercial space: shopping malls, city squares, restaurants, shopping centers, opening ceremonies, etc.

>Exhibition space: museum exhibitions, festival exhibitions, gymnasiums, etc.

>Leisure space: theme parks, squares, amusement parks, dinosaur parks, gardens, zoos, lawns, landscape decorations, etc.

>Other occasions: shop windows, indoor promotional display of brand shops. Bars, hotels, villas, homes, etc.

fiberglass mushroomAdvantages of fiberglass mushroom

FRP landscape sculptures are widely used in exhibition venues, outdoor advertising, commercial space layout, holiday decoration, brand promotion visual image, Christmas venue layout, entertainment venue layout, film and television model props, etc.; large-scale crafts, theme park restaurant buildings, etc. can be customized according to requirements. Residential landscape and decoration of the original building. The shape is realistic and beautiful, ensuring you get unexpected results.

About Ant Display

Now in almost all gardens, parks, and other places, Fiberglass mushroom has become an indispensable landscape in the garden. These Fiberglass mushrooms are designed according to the positioning of garden characteristics. Mainly used to express the theme or increase the cultural atmosphere of the garden. Ant Display has a product development team. We have more than 20 years of experience in the design and production of fiberglass garden sculptures. Our company has a product development and design team, a skilled production team, and high-tech production equipment. Our sculpture company has contracted a series of mushroom sculptures, including transparent mushroom sculpture decorations. Our fiberglass crafts are deeply loved by customers because they are made according to the true ratio of one-to-one sculptures, and the colorful paintings are rich in color, which are suitable for decoration of various characteristic themed landscapes. Whenever you are looking for a customize fiberglass mushroom, please choose us Ant Display. I am sure that you will purchase the fiberglass sculptures you need.