Garden Statues

garden statuesAre you looking for fiberglass garden statues? Garden glass fiberglass sculpture refers to sculpture in the garden that matches the surrounding environment of the garden. Garden glass steel sculptures can reflect the style of society through artistic images, can express certain ideological content, and can also embellish the landscape of the garden. It can also add style to the garden. An exquisitely designed and beautifully shaped garden glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture is like a jewel dotted in the earth. It is radiant and plays a decisive role in beautifying the environment and improving the lives of the citizens.

Ant display provides garden statues of various shapes and types. We provide garden statues with novel ideas and vivid shapes, and give positive and connotative themes to meet your decoration needs. . Garden glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures can be thematic sculptures, that is, they can show certain themes; they can also be monumental sculptures. These kinds of stone sculptures commemorate historical figures or historical figures or events; they can also be decorative stone sculptures. The subject matter of this kind of stone sculpture is very wide, which can be characters, animals, flowers and plants, utensils, and so on. Please browse our website and choose your favorite garden statues in Ant display.

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Garden glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures are an important factor in the decoration of gardens, and these garden glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures should be suitable for the public's aesthetic vision. You can sculpt sculptures of various themes in the garden. In order to show the characteristics of the garden, we must delineate the location range in the master plan and determine the specific location in the detailed plan. It is necessary to make decoration plans in advance and show them on the 3D designer drawings. The choice of sculpture theme must be based on the environment. Its main function is to make the environment more artistic and satisfy people's requirements for the beauty of the garden. This is the embellishment of garden sculptures. Ant display can also sculpt according to the drawings you provide and send complete design drawings and technical drawings for your confirmation.

garden statuesFiberglass garden statues production

There are many ways to paint glass fiber reinforced plastic garden sculptures. Whether it is embossed or round sculpture, the surface of garden statues needs to be cleaned before spraying and coloring. That is, the surface of the mold release agent, mud and stone, and other residual materials are cleaned up, and then The primer is being sprayed. The adhesion and sealing of the primer can solve the problem of tight bonding with the colored paint layer and the problem of anti-corrosion of glass fiber reinforced plastic garden statues. Fiberglass garden statues have the characteristics of bright color, full shape, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, and heat insulation. The creation of Garden sculpture not only embodies the wisdom and effort of the production team, but also represents the image of products, services, and garden themes.

garden statuesFRP product features

  1. FRP products are resistant to the corrosion of gas and liquid media such as acid, alkali, salt, and organic solvents, avoiding the troubles caused by easy corrosion of steel and decay of wood.
  2. Lightweight and high strength: FRP products are formed by high-temperature curing of glass fiber and resin, and their density is only one-quarter of steel and two-thirds of aluminum. But the strength is ten times that of PVC, surpassing aluminum, and reaching the level of ordinary carbon steel. Because of its low weight, it can greatly reduce the foundation support and facilitate installation.
  3. Anti-impact and anti-fatigue FRP products are anti-impact and can be repeatedly bent without damage so that the plate can be used as a spring.
  4. Anti-aging. Generally, the service life of products can reach more than 20 years. Research and test results show that the strength can still retain more than 85% after exposure to the atmosphere for 20 years.
  5. Beautiful and easy to maintain The color paste of FRP material is blended into the resin, and its color is bright and not easy to fade. The surface does not need to be painted, and the dust is generally as clean as new after washing with water.

Why choose Ant Display?

Ant display integrates scientific research, development and design, ordinary casting, one-time integral casting, and precision casting. The main products of our company: glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures, Buddha statues, Tibetan Buddha, god statues, relief sculptures, urban sculptures, animal sculptures, figure sculptures, and other crafts. The product specifications and varieties are complete, the sculpture technology is superb, and the craftsmanship is exquisite. Over the past 20 years since the establishment of our company, our company has adhered to the business philosophy of "Development with integrity and survival with quality". With superb technical strength and strong capital advantages, we have successively made various large, medium and small garden statues for the world's corporate system. , Has won unanimous praise from customers.