Fiberglass Horse

Fiberglass horseFiberglass horse is commonly used to beautify the city and decorate the home. It can be placed in the living room and study as a decorative role and can be placed in every corner of the city to beautify the city, and it can also be placed in a department store for the beauty of the mall. effect. Fiberglass horses can also be used in exhibition venues, outdoor advertising, commercial space layout, festive decoration, Christmas venues, entertainment venues, film and television model props, etc. The shape is realistic and beautiful, guaranteeing you an unexpected decorative effect.

Ant display designs, plans, and produces various three-dimensional glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures for large-scale cultural festivals, art festivals, commercial venue celebrations, and other large-scale events. Ant display has a professional design, superb production technology, first-class service, reasonable price, and modern production equipment. This extremely high-cost performance is the foundation of the company. We will continue to do every design and every fiberglass horse sculpture as always, and use real sculptures that are artistic, contemporary, and forward-looking to satisfy you. We can also customize fiberglass horse decorations of different sizes and shapes according to your requirements. Browse more fiberglass horse status here

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  1. Outdoor Garden Geometry White Horse Fiberglass | Sculpture Animal Model Residential Decoration
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Fiberglass horse sculpture is a kind of plastic art, also known as animal sculpture. It is a general term for the three creative methods of carving, carving, and plastic. It refers to the use of various plastic materials (such as plaster, resin, clay, etc.) or can be carved and carved. Hard materials (such as stone) create a visible and tangible artistic image with a certain space. The sculpture technique is realistic and vivid.

Different styles of fiberglass horses

fiberglass horseStock horse

Stock Horse is great for displaying horses and saddles, placed in front of a carriage or carriage, or just standing at the entrance of your estate. Dimensions: 18 inches wide, 8 feet 3 inches long, 5 feet 10 inches at the highest point, and weighs 100 pounds. Their colors can be bay, black and maroon. It can also be customized according to your ideas. The surface is shiny. Matte finishes are available. You can also make different styles of horses, such as thoroughbred horses, Arabian horses, American quarter horses, American paint horses, and Appaloosa breeds.

Reining horse

Reining horse refers to the shape of the horse when the rider guides the horse through precise circles, rotations, and stops in an equestrian competition. All work is done on the ramp or galloping state. Reining horses come in different shapes and can be used as ornaments to be placed in the office or at the door of the company. It can also be made into a large size and placed in parks, squares, playgrounds, etc. as a specific sign.


Does the little pony statue mean an underage boy? Foal status is usually 42 inches high, 8 inches wide at the chest, 48 inches long, 54 inches at the highest point, and weighs 40 pounds. Available colors are laurel, black and maroon.

You can also see different horse shapes, such as grazing horses, rearing horses, mules, and horse heads. No matter what kind of decoration you need, we can help you. If you only have uncertain ideas, our designers will draw a 3D design to help you make the final decision

Fiberglass horse is a composite material with synthetic resin as the matrix and glass fiber reinforced plastic and its products as reinforcing materials. It often appears in squares, hotels, real estate, parks, residences, and other places.

fiberglass horseAdvantages of Fiberglass horse

  1. High strength.

As long as the density is 1.5~2.0, only the density of carbon steel is 1/4~1/5, then the mass is much lighter than steel under the same volume, but the tensile strength is close to or exceeds that of carbon steel, The strength can be compared with high-grade alloy steel.

  1. Good corrosion resistance.

Fiberglass horse is chemically stable and has good corrosion resistance. Can adapt to the changing climate environment.

  1. Excellent craftsmanship.

Fiberglass horses in Ant display can flexibly choose the production craftsmanship according to the shape, technical requirements, use, and quantity of the product. Even if you have special requirements, we can customize them and remake the mold

Why choose Ant Display?

Ant display not only provides high-quality fiberglass horse, we also coordinate the main body and image of modern sculpture with the environment. You can choose a wealth of themes here, such as cartoons, characters, animals, plants, utensils, etc. Ant display is committed to creating craft products that meet the needs of the modern market, and our products have won numerous praises. You can see them in the UK, USA, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland. We uphold the business philosophy of integrity management and win-win cooperation and look forward to providing good products and services to more customers. If you have any needs, please contact us.