Fiberglass Animal Statues

Fiberglass animal statues are very common in our lives. It has won everyone's praise for fiberglass animal statues with its very realistic shape and unique craftsmanship. Now many places will place a fiberglass animal statues to attract popularity. You will see animal statues in many places, such as parks, playgrounds, communities, streets and so on. From the outside, those animal statues look like living animals, and they can create a very natural and interesting atmosphere. The fiberglass animal statue has a bright and beautiful appearance, transparent and smooth, and it attracted many people because of its combination with the animal, the animal's lively shape. The fiberglass animal statues are not only very attractive, but also very strong and durable. Therefore, many places will use fiberglass animal statues as decoration.


Fiberglass animal statues is an indispensable element of urban sculpture. Fiberglass animal statues is a new type of handicraft statues that emerged as the times require. Not only is the shape and color rich, at the same time, the quality of the fiberglass animal statues is relatively light and it is more convenient to carry. With the promotion of urban development, the use of fiberglass animal statues has become increasingly widespread. Ant dispaly limited was founded in 2008. It has focused on the design and production of various fiberglass animal statues, fiberglass tables, fiberglass chairs, fiberglass furniture and fiberglass commercial kiosk for 12 years. Ant display limited has a team of professional and high-level computer designers, molders, and experienced production workers to provide customers with a one-stop service of plane and rendering design, mold making, engraving, production and construction.

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The Features and advantages of fiberglass animal statues?

fiberglass animal statues

Fiberglass statues are the most widely used sculpture today, and it is also the most common in life. Fiberglass statues are not only a good artistic expression but also very suitable as a carrier of art, becoming a good creative partner of artists. Moreover, its low cost is the reason for its popularity. Let’s briefly talk about the advantages and characteristics of fiberglass statues.

  1. The weight of the fiberglass animal statues product is very light. The fiberglass statues are light in weight and high in strength. Its strength and hardness are comparable to steel. However, steel is very heavy, and fiberglass animal statues are light, easy to carry and transport.
  2. It has very strong plasticity. It can be made into various shapes and sizes, using comprehensive craftsmanship such as painting, drawing, carving, spraying, painting, etc., to make the product show its individual charm.
  3. Long service life and corrosion resistance. Fiberglass animal statues are corrosion-resistant and waterproof, so they are very suitable for outdoor use and have a long service life.
  4. The process is simple, it can be formed at one time, and the economic effect is outstanding, especially for products with complex shapes and small quantities that are not easy to form, and its process superiority is more prominent.
  5. Exquisite appearance and diverse shapes. The surface of the fiberglass animal statues is smooth, the color is gorgeous, and the shape is changeable. It can make various shapes of animals, which are unmatched by other materials.
  6. Different animal statues are available. We can make different kinds of fiberglass animal statues, such as fiberglass horses, fiberglass deer, fiberglass dogs, fiberglass bears, cows, birds, dinosaurs and elephants, etc.

fiberglass furniture

Why you can choose fiberglass animal statues?

  1. Quality has guarantee

Our workers have more than 12 years' experience in making fiberglass statues, so they have rich experience. And we used is high-quality fiberglass, all materials are selected carefully from raw material suppliers. From us, you can get high-quality products with exquisite workmanship.

  1. Easy to assemble.

     All our fiberglass animal statues have reinforced clips and tools, you can fix the fiberglass animals on wood, floor, or steel surfaces freely. No need to worry about assembling. And they are lightweight, so easy for you to change place and transport.
  2. Different kinds of fiberglass animal statues are available. We can make both wildlife statues and pet statues. We can make fiberglass birds, Farmed animals, wildlife statutes, and pets statues. We have life-size animal statues for your choice. And their surface can do many different colors and patterns.
  3. We can supply you factory price. We are a direct factory, we have our own cut, polish, processing and assemble workshop. So we can supply you most favorable factory price.
  4. We supply design services. Many customers want to customize their own fiberglass animal statues and hard to find factories that can do customize. Here we can help! We have a professional design team, we can help you design and create the fiberglass animal statues as your needs and size.

If you also want to customize your own fiberglass animal statues and want to know more details, just feel free to contact us!