Fiberglass Bear

fiberglass bearDo you attract by lovely fiberglass bear statues? Fiberglass brown bear sculptures are composited with glass fiber and unsaturated polyester resin as the main raw materials. They vividly display the shape and appearance of the bear, lifelike and can decorate the scenic spot, set off the atmosphere, and can set off different artistic atmospheres. You can also place them at the entrance of the hotel to solicit guests. We can make Fiberglass bears according to the living habits and dynamics of bears so that you can see bears in various postures, such as standing, lying, sitting, and walking. You can find your favorite fiberglass bears styles in Ant display.

Ant display is a comprehensive organization integrating design, production, and construction. The company's design team and production team are familiar with various technological processes. We produce Fiberglass bears for decoration for real estate companies, hotels, exhibition halls, museums, architectural decoration companies, advertising companies, exhibition companies, former residences of celebrities, theme parks, tourist attractions, theme ecological parks, etc. Ant display produces FRP plant sculptures, FRP animal sculptures, FRP portrait sculptures, FRP cartoon debugging, garden sculptures, etc. The company always takes product quality as its life. We add beauty to your life with superb design standards and considerate service. View wonderful fiberglass bears styles here.

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Fiberglass bears can be applied to sculpture art and are favored by sellers and merchants. It can be used as decorations to decorate your office, and you can place them in front of tall buildings to attract people's attention. The theme park is also often able to see Fiberglass bears. Since FRP is non-magnetic and does not block the passage of electromagnetic waves, it can be used indoors and outdoors without affecting radar and receiving electromagnetic waves. And it can also protect the work from damage outdoors. Extend the display time of fiberglass bears.

fiberglass pandaFeatures of fiberglass bears

The FRP bears sculpture produced by Ant display can be customized according to the customer's requirements. The designer will make a 3D design of the shape, structure, color, and size of the fiberglass bears. Obtain the customer's permission to start production. FRP materials meet the characteristics of bright color, smooth surface, excellent texture, lightweight, and good uniformity. It needs variable colors and weights. Lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good electrical insulation performance, slow heat transfer, good thermal insulation, good transient ultra-high temperature performance, easy to color, and capable of transmitting electromagnetic waves. Fiberglass bears make the living environment more modern, stylish, beautiful, and practical. They can be colored, painted, sprayed, shaded, gold-plated according to their needs; and through technical treatment, they can obtain rough, delicate, cracked, and natural surface effects.

Fiberglass bears advantages & installation

FRP is easy to process, not rusty and not rotten, and no paint is needed. In China, FRP can also be used to make various small motorboats, lifeboats, yachts, and automobiles, saving a lot of steel and costs. Fiberglass bears are mainly composed of high-performance upper film, reinforced polyester, and glass fiber. The upper film should have a good anti-ultraviolet and anti-static effect. The anti-ultraviolet is to protect the polyester of the FRP lighting board from yellowing and aging. Early loss of light characteristics. Antistatic is to ensure that the dust on the surface is easily washed away by rain or blown away by the wind, and maintain a clean and beautiful surface. Because Fiberglass bears have the characteristics of high hardness, high color strength, and durability, they are deeply loved by customers. In the production, the shape of the bears needs to be made according to each part, and they need to be combined into one after forming. Finally, color it so that you can receive the perfect fiberglass bears.

In order to facilitate installation and transportation, we usually recommend making medium-sized fiberglass. But if you need big size fiberglass bears, we will satisfy you. And pack the fiberglass bears separately, you only need to stitch them together and fix them to use

Our services in Ant Display

Ant display has established long-term cooperative relations with many enterprises with good credit and excellent service. Ant display is a large-scale art sculpture factory integrating art design and deepening production, production, and sales. Ant display insists on "people-oriented, serving the society, beautifying life, and sustainable development" as its corporate purpose, creating beautiful cultural landscapes for the city and the society, combining the enjoyment of beauty with cultural connotation, and showing the world a piece of work. Ant display designs and manufactures fiberglass bears in strict accordance with export standards, and continues to provide satisfactory products and services to more customers. We look forward to growing and win-win with you, sharing joy and success. No matter when you looking for fiberglass products, just contact us here