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Colorful Reception Desk with Unique Deisgn & Front Table for Serving

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In this age, training institutions are very common for us. In this era of education, training institutions have also emerged in large numbers. It also means that the competitiveness of the education industry has also become greater. If we want to open an educational institution, we also need to consider the reception desk. Because of a good reception desk, it can attract customers' attention. Different types of educational institutions have different types of reception desks.

Straight Reception Desk

You can see the reception desk which is made into the MDF and baking paint. The reception desk is being used in the child educational institution. You can see the color is white, orange and blue. It will make the reception desk more unique and bright. What important is that the color is more bright and comfortable. It will attract more attention from children.

Front views

You can see the whole structure is built by three-color. In general, the color is very popular with children. You can see at the bottom of the reception desk we've made a green board. The entire body cabinet is white. On the right is a shape with a circle. This makes the reception desk more attractive. We have also added a baffle on the counter to better protect the computer.


We are a custom industry, there are many sizes for reference. You can tell us the size of your space, and we will customize the size according to your space.


Production Process:

The production is divided into 4 parts. The first is to produce wooden cabinets. At this stage, we first need to prepare materials and then cut them according to the size. Then assemble according to the construction drawings. When producing wooden cabinets, we will also reserve corresponding positions for sockets, logos, and light strips.

The second part is to polish the wooden cabinet. Polishing the surface of the wooden cabinet is to make the whole wooden cabinet look smoother. It is also very easy to enter the next step.

The third step is the baking stage. The baking varnish is divided into primer and baking varnish. We need to make 4 layers of white primer. Before the white primer, we also need to rub oil on the surface of the wooden cabinet. Only after rubbing the oil can the primer be more compliant. After finishing the primer, start to paint. The paint is divided into three times. First make yellow, then blue, and finally white paint. After baking, let it stand for 1 day.

The last step is to install the accessories. We will install the socket according to your national standard. Logo, light strip and stainless steel will also be installed.


Time is a concern for many customers. First, we need to consider design time, secondly production time, and finally transportation time. The design time is 3-5 working days. The production time is 18-22 working days. The transit time will be based on your country or which port leaves you.

How to Customize New One?

We are a custom manufacturer and can customize the reception desk according to your needs. You can tell me what size of the reception desk do you want? If you have favorite style, you can tell me , we can display all of your needs on the 3d design. After you satisfy the 3d design, we will produce it according to the 3d design and the construction drawings.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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