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Colorful Reception Desk with Unique Deisgn & Front Table for Serving

Blue color reception counter & 2 sets welcome table used in retail store

Custom made reception with unique design for sale

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Welcome to a reception counter-world. The reception counter is easy to see in our daily life. When we enter the store, the clerk will enthusiastically receive us and help us choose products. In order to save space, the reception desk is also used as a cash register. But for most occasions, such as airports, stations, schools, training institutions, and offices, the reception desk is more used as a service desk and office desk.

2400mm reception counter design

2400mm Width 600mm Deep and 1050mm Height is very popular for the reception desk. It looks very high-end atmosphere, and there is enough space for two people to work together. Like this welcome counter, the workbench on the right side. There is an added blue panel, which protects people from the computer and also increases the display area. You can also put folders and information bags aside for easy access.

The right side is a white counter with hexagonal pattern decoration, it embellishes this reception counter. This countertop height is 750mm, a very standard size for seating. And make this reception desk look more eye-catching. It also creates a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. There are two There are 2 pots of green plants as decoration on the countertop. This is very good for office desks. But as a service counter, I don't recommend putting it here. Because if it is accidentally knocked over, it would be a disaster.

The backside has a locked drawer and cabinets for storage. You can also add shelves to place more items. Computers, hosts, printers, and other equipment can be placed here for easy use. If you have a brand sign, it’s a good idea to put it in front of it.

Decoration Description:

The main color of this reception desk is white, dark blue, orange, yellow, green color all as decoration of the reception counter. If you find other color matches, we can also help you add to the reception counter. As it’s custom made following special needs. Very cool and elegant.

More information:

Item name: Blue color decoration reception counter & 2 sets welcome desk

Size: 2400mm*600mm*1070mm, 2200mm*600mm*800mm, 1800mm*600mm*1000mm or any other size matches

Function: Office, service, reception, cashier, etc.

Style: Squared, Rectangle, square, and other unique shapes

Material: MDF, baking paint, etc.

How to get to the reception desk?

First, decide the size of the reception counter. It’s better to fit for the reception area, leaving space for customers is better.

Then, make a sketch of the reception desk. It’s better to show how the front sides look like and what you want behind. If you don’t make a sketch, just show us your ideas. Our designer can help you finish it.

Third, draw a 3D design drawing. The new 3D model needs 3-5 working days. It shows the real effect of the welcome table clearly. If you think somewhere is not good enough, we can help you modify it in time.

Finally, confirm the design drawing. If you like the model, we can view it as the final design and it is the effect when you receive the reception desk

How to manufacture it?

We should first make the wood bodies by MDF. It looks good and high quality. The next step is painting with the ideal color. Painting is repeated 5-6 times to get the exact color. And you need to wait for the paint to dry before doing the second pass. So this process takes time, but I think it’s worth it to get good results. Finally, assembly the cabinet door and drawers. Brand name and sockets also install during this step. And you can see the reception desk in real life.

More Information
Color blue
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint, light, stainless steel, etc.
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