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When information technology was applied to the service industry on a large scale, the service desk concept was also introduced. It was initially used in IT equipment-intensive industries such as finance and telecommunications. When a hardware device fails or has trouble, people are told that they can find a "help desk" person to solve the problem. This "help desk" is the IT equipment operation and maintenance center, and the software they use to facilitate their work is the original "Service Desk software". Then enter the field of public services, such as community medical services, fitness clubs, corporate customer service centers, etc., and more and more service industries begin to accept the concept of Service Desk.

Service Desk

The main material of this service desk is MDF. Its surface treatment is baking varnish. The overall shape of this service desk is very simple but very attractive. The most attractive thing about it is that it has a very attractive light strip. The design of the light strip makes the entire service desk more attractive.


You can see that this reception desk has two styles. One is the baffle covering the entire counter. Another one is half covered. You can make purchases according to your preferences. For the shape of the front of the reception desk, we will design according to the needs of customers. The highlight of this reception desk is the beautiful light strip. This light strip will make the entire service desk brighter. The most important thing is that the color of the light strip can be changeable. We can change the color according to your needs.

size details

Interior Structure

The structure behind the reception desk can also be customized. We all design and manufacture according to customer needs. You can tell us if we need drawers or lockers. You can also tell us the structure and color you want.

Production Process

The production process includes the wooden cabinet, polish, and baking paint. Before we produce the kiosk, we need to confirm the construction drawings. When we produce the wooden cabinet, we will install the electric line, reserve the logo place, sockets place. All of the size we need to pay more attention to it. Then we need to polish the wooden cabinet to make the wooden cabinet more smooth. Then we need to do the baking paint. These parts include the 4 primers and the baking paint. We need to take 2 working days to finish the primers. The baking paint will take about 2-3 working days.

After these, we need to install the sockets and the light strip and the drawers, cabinet

How to make a unique reception desk?

Firstly, you need to find a good manufacturer and customize the reception desk for you. We are a custom manufacturer for 13 years. Can customize the reception desk for you

Second, you can tell us all of your needs for the reception desk. We will customize the reception desk according to your needs. We will do the 3d design according to your needs first. We will display all of your needs on the 3d design.

Third: After you satisfy the reception desk, we will start to produce it.

office reception desk

How about the payment?

We accept the bank transfer and the Western Union. If the order exceed 2000USD, 50% deposit + 50% balance payment. If the order is below 2000USD, please arrange the full amount.

Ant Display is a custom manufacturer and can customize the reception desk, or commercial furniture for you.


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Color white
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Materials MDF
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