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We can notice it has some information desk at the airport. The concept of the information desk also called the Helpdesk or Service Desk (Helpdesk or Service Desk), originated from the traditional service industry. The most typical application is like the general service desk in the hotel lobby. Guests are welcome to stay, meetings, events, inquiries, and withdrawals. Find related services at the general service desk, which is the Helpdesk.

The information desk is very important for the airport, hotel, hospital something like these places. Because when the passenger has the question they can go to the service desk to ask for help. So the design of the service counter must be model and professional.

The description of the service counter

We can see from the 3d design of the information counter, it consists of four parts. The service counter is an arc shape design that is very attractive and useful. And the size of this service desk is about diameter 4 meters. Under the countertop, it has drawers and cabinets for the staff to put some documents. On the countertop of the information desk, you can put the computer or some books, magazines and so on.


The material of the service desk

The material of this information counter is plywood with a wooden color laminate. For the white color area, we can use the stone to make it or baking paint is also ok. It depends on your budget because the stone material is more expensive. On all the cabinets we will install the same lock with key for you then the staff can lock it in the night when they work off.


Customize design service

We can customize the service counter with your size and color. The size we can design it with a standard size. Or we design it according to your location size. If you don’t have an idea of the size of the service desk, we can give you some suggestions for your reference. The color of the service desk is flexible, so you can choose any color you like. For the design of the information desk, we will charge a 300 USD design deposit. We will make the service desk exactly what you want. You can tell us your favorite style or if you have a favorite design, please send it to us. If you don’t have a favorite design, our design team will make the 3d design according to your requirement. Because all the products are customized, so we don’t have them in stock.


What is the packing of the service counter?

For the service counter, for example, this arc shape design. We will pack it divided into a few parts, because if in a whole set, it is too big. The package is foam inside and a wooden box outside. Very strong so the customer doesn’t need to worry about the damage during the long-time shipment. We will buy the insurance for the service counter also. Then if the service desk gets damaged during the shipment, we will apply to them for compensation.


How can you get the service desk from us?

Because we are located in Shenzhen, China. So we will ship the counter to you by sea. Please check and send us the nearest destination port from you. Then we will check with the shipping company for the shipping cost and get back to you.

Also, if you want us to ship the information counter direct to your home address or office address, we can check the price for you if you send us the detailed address.


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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood with laminate
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