metal powder coating jewelry display showcase

metal powder coating jewelry display showcase

Jewelry display showcase

Black color display cabinets & jewelry counters for the retail jewelry store

Most luxury Jewelry Shop Display CaseS, Glass Jewelry DIsplay Counter Wholesale

  1. this jewelry display case is very luxury and also functional 
  2. we accept customize ,can customize as your needs 
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Still looking for a luxury and functional jewelry display case design used in your shop?Don’t know how to choose?Firstly you need see your jewelry shop style and color theme, if your shop is mainly golden and white, may be your display case also need do golden and white color to match. If your shop mainly plain and simple, you can choose just plain color will be ok.Another thing is the jewelry case need be functional, it need have enough display area, also need have safe storage area.


Here today i want to share you a nice and very practical jewelry display case design:


See this jewelry display cabinet design, it legs and base used silver stainless steel, the bottom used cream color paint with golden lines, the back are cabinets with adjustable shelves for storage.The top comes with two layers glass display showcase. Back of the glass showcase used Pull-out glass door with lock, this kind door is easy to open ,take out products and put storage,also very safe. That’s why i said this jewelry cabinet not only very luxury, also very functional.Do you like this kind design idea?


Here are some more info for this jewelry display case share with you:

  1. size: 1200x500x1000mm
  2. Materials:stainless steel frame and legs,MDF with cream color paint finish,tempered glass
  3. Accessories:led lights, hardware
  4. Service: we accept customize service, the size, style, color all can change


What questions you may be will have before order?

1.What’s the price of this jewelry display case?

A:this jewelry display case size is 1.2mx0.5m on photo,it about 700USD for your ref. It size and style can change, so if you need change size and style etc, will need recheck price as your needs

2.How long you will need to make this jewelry display case?

A: make this jewelry display case will need as usually about 10-12 work days, the production time will be longer is quantity bigger.


If you like this jewelry display case and want more details, just feel free to contact to discuss.


More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF with paint
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