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2 Person Reception Desk with Wooden Style in Pharmacy Store for Sale

2 Person Reception Desk with Wooden Style in Pharmacy Store for Sale

Counseling Agency Information Desk | Lovely Front Desk Design

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Training and education institutions are very common in our lives. Many parents ask them to attend training courses or interest classes in order to train their children. There are many such educational institutions, and they have their own company or office. We all know that any kind of business will have a front desk or information desk to register information and solve customer problems and transfer calls. Educational institutions are no exception.

The front desk I want to introduce today is used in tutoring institutions. We know that the object of the tutoring class is children, so our reception desk is not suitable for the hotel-style reception desk. We can buy some styles that fit our company's atmosphere or philosophy or children's preferences. Look at this reception desk. It is cute.

reception desk


We can see that it has a certain shape. Its left and right sides are curved on one side. The curved corners are safer for children and it looks more attractive. The colors of this reception desk are mainly white and yellow. The yellow part is the color of our front, it is recessed a bit, and light strips are added around it. Light strips can make the entire reception desk more attractive. We can put our logo or our service purpose on the front.

This reception desk size is 240x60x80cm. This is the standard size of the reception desk. It can work for two people. There is a row of drawers under the inner counter, which stores our documents and tools.

Its basic material is MDF, It is a kind of artificial board. The surface treatment is baking paint. The color of the paint is very rich, we can choose the color we want. Glossy paint is more popular, it can make the desk shiny.


When we confirm the desk design, we will start production. All our goods are made by hand. If you also want to put your logo or some pattern on the desk, you need to send me your logo PDF file. You don’t need to install it when you receive it. This desk with Led light, so we set up the wire inside. You need to connect the wire to your local power supply. If you want to install the socket, you can tell me. Before production, we need to make a 3D design to confirm all the details if you want to custom the reception desk.

How to start the design?

If you have your own ideas, you need to tell us about your requirements. Then we will start the design. And please send me your logo. We can confirm all the details through design.

Our design fee is 300USD, when we place an order, it will be returned to you. We are a customized company, and we can modify the design according to any of your requirements. The specific price of our table depends on the final design.

What is the lead time?

About 15-20 working days.

What is the shipping time?

It depends on your country. In general, Australia is 25 days, the United States is 40 days, and European countries are 30 days. The specific time depends on the actual situation.

How to pay?

If you want to buy the reception desk, when we confirm the order, we will send you the invoice. Our invoice contains our payment method and terms. We support TT wire transfer, western union, and Alibaba trade assurance.

How can I get the desk?

After the production is completed, we will arrange transportation. You can tell me the name of your nearest port, and we can ship to your port. When the goods arrive at the port, someone will notify you in advance to pick up the goods. You can hire a broker to clear customs for you.

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Color yellow
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF , Baking paint
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